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Weaning Method With Love or Weaning Children with Love

Weaning With Love or Weaning Method with Love

Weaning With Love – Do you know that weaning a child by applying something bitter to the nipple turns out to be a fatal mistake equivalent to committing child abuse? Because it’s the same as lying to a child. Mothers need to know that the process of breastfeeding for children is more than just overcoming their thirst and hunger.

Of course the mother also realizes that when the child is angry, when he is out of tears, when longing for his mother even when sleepy, the child overcomes these things by breastfeeding because breastfeeding is everything for the child.

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Understanding Weaning is the process by which a mother will take something that is most precious to the child so it must be done properly. Just imagine how the mother would feel if the most precious thing in her life suddenly disappeared and was taken by force? That’s what a child will feel if you wean in the wrong way.

weaning the child, weaning with love

Weaning with Love Method

The process of weaning must be done correctly and the process is not brief. The best method that mother can do is wean with love or through WWL method which stands for Weaning With Love.

  1. The first thing to do is to prepare a successful team, all families must be involved and provide full support especially when the mother starts to ‘not bear it’ because it is basically weaning not only about the child but also about the mother.
  2. Then begin to reduce the frequency of breastfeeding slowly, starting from daylight by giving additional portions of MPASI. By establishing a breastfeeding place can also help the child reduce the frequency of breastfeeding during the day, for example breastfeeding should only be in the room so that when the mother takes him for a walk during the day, the child will not ask for milk. The most difficult thing is when going to bed because usually the child suckling while falling asleep. To overcome this, the mother can start looking for other activities before going to bed such as reading stories, massaging her legs and hands and many more positive activities that can be done before going to bed with the child to distract her from breastfeeding.
  3. Apply the principle of ‘Don’t offer but don’t refuse’ where the mother only gives breast milk if the child asks and the mother will not offer. But if possible, when the child asks for milk and the mother can distract him by giving him his favorite cake or taking him to play then it does not matter as long as he refuses not by force or yelling.
  4. In the process of weaning the mother do not stop to advise the child continuously. The little boy does not seem to understand when spoken to but if the suggestion is done continuously and with soft words such as ‘now big brother, do not nyusu continue ah, we make your favorite cake aja ya’.
  5. Discipline, patience and compact are the keys to success in weaning because there are times when mothers really have to be ‘willing’ and other family members must also be 100% supportive.
weaning the child, weaning with love

The process of weaning is not an instant process and the Weaning With Love method although it has proven effective but is not the easiest method, so the mother must make a determination first. It should also be noted, do not wean the child when the child is in poor condition, for example being sadly left by the father out of town or being sick because it will only make the child more stressed.

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The process of weaning takes months so it is best to start the process of weaning when the child has not turned two years old. Do not also wean the child by offering bottles, pacifiers or scabs. If you want to give children milk, you should use a glass instead.

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