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5 Domestic Problems to Avoid

Domestic Problems

In a domestic relationship, most couples in general will inevitably experience two occurrences. The first incident was a harmony so that it became a prosperous family. However, in contrast to the second event, when a couple experiences problems in the household that ultimately lead to divorce.

However, it all depends on what the couple choose. I don’t know if a lasting domestic relationship ends in divorce. Both are choices that can only be determined by the couple themselves. If we want a harmony and peaceful home, then live the relationship with love and compassion. Give love to our partner whole and build the family we have well. But if we can’t, then in the end in the household will be decorated with conflict between each other.

This can sometimes make our child a victim. In addition, prefering to divorce is certainly an option that must be avoided. This is because in addition to being painful, divorce is a testament to the failure of the marriage vows that were once spoken together. Divorce rates are usually chosen because there are domestic problems that are very difficult to resolve. Therefore, we should know and be aware of 5 common domestic problems. Let’s take a look!

1. The Absence of a Third Person becomes a Common Cause of Domestic Problems

It is a common secret, that the third person is a common cause of the beginning of the appearance of problems in the household. Third parties in this case include women or mistresses. Their presence can certainly lead to the appearance of problems that can aggravate the household.

The appearance of a third person in a relationship is of course a reason. The most common reason is usually because one partner is unable to give his partner satisfaction in bed.

Actually, if something like this can happen, there has to be a complexness in terms of introspection with each other. We must not directly blame our partners and make them down because of the bad situation we create. One of the keys so that we can avoid the arrival of third parties is to keep communication and attitude open to each other.

2. The Boredom of Living Such a Life

Sometimes, boredom begins with us feeling that married life goes monotonously or so-like. Although it seems trivial, in reality boredom becomes one of the common causes of the appearance of problems in the household.

If we ignore and are not addressed immediately, of course this could trigger an increasingly complicated conflict. Usually, this taste arises when we are with a partner every day doing routine activities that we always repeat constantly.

Then one of the parties between husband or wife becomes lost passion and has no sense of spirit in living the home life. Therefore, we should be able to anticipate this by doing various activities spontaneously and alternately.

3. Frequent Domestic Violence

In addition, there are also problems that can actually be anticipated early, but we don’t care about it. Problems stemming from domestic violence for example. We must have known either in person or through the news about domestic violence. Usually, this violence is carried out by the male or husband.

For example, such as an event about a husband being violent and saying rudely to his wife. Usually, this is triggered because it starts from personal problems or work from the husband. This can certainly cause problems in the household.

Ultimately, domestic violence will lead to divorce. This is because the wife who feels tortured is born and mentally abused. Then he speculated the best way to end this problem was to get divorced.

4. Married Long Enough, But Never Awarded A Child

Most people who are married, in addition to having a partner also aim to continue the offspring. However, surely not all married couples can have children, all of this depends on the grace of the One God.

It is true, Having children is the main desire of any couple who has had a marriage. However, there are some couples who have been for decades not able to have children.

For the most part, if it had happened the husband would have directly blamed their wife. The husbands think that their wives are barren, but not necessarily so. It could be that the husband himself is barren and infertile. In order to solve this problem, we need to prove it by conducting a health test. From here we can tell if any of them are barren or not.

5. In-laws Who Intervene in Domestic Problems

In-laws Who Intervene on Domestic Issues
In-Laws Who Intervene in Domestic Problems

It’s no surprise that the in-laws become bullies in their child’s domestic relationships. It is not uncommon for us to meet an in-laws who are always overreacting when defending their child in front of their partner.

They feel like they still have a responsibility to look after their child and do not want their child to be harmed and made difficult by their partner. Mirisnya, the intervention given by the in-laws often begins because of complaints that are not-not by her own biological child.

This is most likely due to the lack of mature attitudes and traits that his son still has. Whereas as we know in-laws are not the solution of household problems, but the beginning of the emergence of household problems themselves.

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However, not all in-laws are the cause of problems in their children’s households. Sometimes there are also in-laws who have a thoughtful and insightful nature who are precisely the accusers as well as advisers of their child’s household relationships that are being hit by cloudy clouds.

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