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Parenthood in Adolescents

Parenthood in Adolescents

Adolescence is a time prone to stress. A time when a child wants a freedom of speech. A teenager will be well directed at parental responsibility. Therefore, parents should get to know their children more closely in adolescence who are very vulnerable to the environmental and cultural influences they experience.

Basically adolescent behavior consists of cognitive, socio-emotional and sexual behaviors. Cognitive behavior is based on their mindset in the face of things. Socio-emotional perilaki is their behavior towards the social environment, how to interact and mingle in their social environment. And sexual behavior is an example of their relationship in dating.

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The role of parents is to control their children so that in this stage of development can make a good teenager. What can a parent do for his teenage son? There are several things that can be listened to as follows:

Gives you the freedom to make friends and socialize

As parents, we must give confidence to the child to mingle in the social environment and choose friends. In this period, teenagers will be more loyal to friends compared to parents. Providing opportunities to make friends and socialize will support the formation of children’s character in social life, as well as teach the responsibility to the child, how appropriate he/she is to gain trust in the freedom given by parents to choose friends and socialize with the environment.

Know the schedule of children’s activities

Why are you home late? Where’s it from? This will not be asked by parents if they know the schedule of children’s activities every day. Knowing the child’s schedule is very necessary for parents, in addition to controlling their children, they also know how much responsibility the child must do outside the home in addition to playing or activities outside the school environment. Thus parents can give a greater portion of attention to their teenage children.

Trying to recognize friends who are close to the child

Not only does it give you the freedom to make friends, but parents also have to recognize who is a close friend of their child. Because close friends will have a big influence on children for their daily interactions and activities. Whether his close friends have a positive impact or a negative impact.

Providing independence and responsibility

Self-service and important responsibilities are taught to children. Especially the responsibility in worship and self-reliant to overcome the problem. Because adolescence is a time when problems will be more complex faced by teenagers in finding their identity. As well as the independence to decide things, argue and determine how to overcome the problems experienced.

Motivate children’s talents

Like affection, motivation also needs to be given to the child. This motivation aims to increase children’s confidence in pursuing their talents or positive activities that children like. Parents will know how far krativitas, the ability that their child has with the motivation, so that parents are also able to direct or give opinions to their children further.

Teach how to manage money well

Sometimes this point is ignored by parents who have a fairly high economic income. They will give money without knowing the expenses needed by their children. Teaching children to manage money aims to make money given from parents used properly according to their needs. In addition, it also introduces saving to children, so that one day they can invest for the future.

Some of the above can be done by parents in recognizing their teenage children more closely. How far should a child be concerned, how important should parents pay attention to the child? All have their own portions, and all will be formed on good communication established by parents and children.

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