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Single Parent, Tips for Educating Children Without Their Father

Single Parent

Divorce is the path to be taken when a couple is no longer suitable for each other, although already having a divorce child seems to be the only way to address the protracted problems in a household.

Many causes of divorce are forced to be taken because it will be very dangerous for the development of their children, such as a father who has negative traits such as hangovers, gambling, and other traits that of course affect the development of the child.

In addition to divorce, usually a housewife is forced to raise her child alone because of her husband’s death. This should of course be a concern because however a good housewife should always MoveOn for the sake of her child’s development and to a minimum there is no kind of trauma since separating or being left behind by her father.

Single Parent is a person who lives with a child or children and does not have a living partner or a spouse living in a house. Reasons for being a single parent or single parent include divorce, breakup, abandonment, death of another parent, childbirth by one person or adoption of one person.

In the face of this phenomenon, in this paper we try to describe a brief exposure on tips and how housewives raise our children or children without the figure of your father or husband (Single Parent). Some of these things seem to be absolute things you have to do so that the child doesn’t necessarily lose the father figure you should be proud of.

Find a Replacement Figure

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The surrogate figure in question does not have to be that you quickly have to have a partner again, you can give a father figure in other forms through his grandfather, uncle, or even your friend. Let your child occasionally play, learn, or just walk with them so that your child doesn’t really lose his or her father figure.

Conveying His Father’s Death (If By Death)

For a child who has begun to understand, losing a father to death will certainly make them sad and you have to be smart in conveying the condition so that the child becomes more optimistic, for example by conveying that you will take the place of his recently deceased father in addition to that so that the child can face reality.

Strengthening the Soul of the Child

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Trying to please him that he’s been great and can get his own work done with his help. His mother had to convince him with patience and steadfastness that he could protect her and by doing so had to teach the child to be more patient. The child should be taught kinks and istiqamah in addition to not forgetting to take steps that he thinks of what his son feels.

A mother post-mortem or divorce with her husband must introduce her child to her father’s family and try to create conditions so that her child can relate better and more widely to them, so that she can familiarize herself with their surroundings and stay cheerful.


A mother of course has a different role than her father, for this case a mother should be able to play like a father who can play boys games (playing cars, robots, etc.) if your child is a boy.

Give Children More Time

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At a time when time as a single parent is diminishing because suppose you have to work, still you are required to spend more time with them, so in addition to you being able to keep working you still have quality time with your child.

No exaggeration of loving a child

In carrying out this obligation, mother should pay attention that do not over-love her, thus losing the means to control her.

The son who lost his father from one side felt freer and wanted to release himself from all forms of obligation. If the mother is not strict about the family rules that exist for her child, then this can make the child no longer obey the rules and feel free. Mother must be conscientious in the implementation of the rules and carry out the obligations. Being tough and rigid or letting the child go for granted will make it difficult for the mother to realize the child’s educational goals. Even in some cases it gives the child the opportunity to fight his or her parents.

Give The Real Explanation

Single Parent

You should give your child a true explanation of the separation (e.g. due to divorce), and if your husband dies by providing an easy-to-understand explanation according to the child’s age. Never lie about your separation so that there is a divorce with your ex-husband, because at some point if your child knows about the real thing your child will be disappointed and feel betrayed.

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Thus a brief description of how for a housewife to raise her child without the figure of a father/ husband, it is expected that through this writing hundreds and even thousands of children will still remain cheerful and grow as if the child still has a good father figure and you can still live your future life optimistically.

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