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Important Stages of Child Growth and Development

Important Stages of Child Growth and Development

The crucial years for children’s growth occur in the first few years of their growing up. This period is often referred to as the“Golden Age”,which occurs in children aged 3 to 5 years. The Golden Age is important because 80% of brain development in children occurs in this age range.

When the child undergoes the Golden Age phase, the child’s brain ability develops rapidly to absorb various information. At this stage of age, children will be very reactive and responsive to learn various skills and get to know the outside environment in addition to the family.
It is at this age that the child’s personality will be formed from the habits he experiences every day. What we should note, the habits and lifestyles of children at this age are very important for the life of the child in the future.

To maximize the child’s ability by improving the pattern of good child development, it turns out that we can do many ways for the child to grow up with a good personality.
The Golden Age period is also influenced by the intake of nutrients and nutrients received by children. Therefore, it is very important for parents to be able to meet the availability of highly nutritious and balanced food and beverages.

Optimizing development with ASAH, ASIH and ASUH

To improve the development of children’s abilities at the golden age can be done by increasing the portion of playtime and exploration for children. According to some sources, there are 3 basic needs that are important to be met so that children’s growth can run optimally, among others:

  • The need to play and learn, known by the slogan ‘ASAH’
  • The need for affection and attention, known by the slogan ‘ASIH’
  • Food needs, boards, clothing, health and others, also known as ‘ASUH’

Another important thing that parents should know is the role and influence of genetic and environmental factors on the child. Some internal factors caused by inherited or genetic lines such as temperament, intelligence level (IQ) and congenital birth of the child are also very influential.

In this age range, children will also undergo the process of modeling (imitating) people in their surroundings, especially their own parents. The existence of a positive model from parents and their families, will make the child unaffected by negative examples of the environment outside the family.

Important Stages of Child Growth and Development

Give the child a fair portion of playtime

The most appropriate means to develop children’s social and interaction skills is to provide sufficient playing time.

By playing, the child’s physiological and motor development can develop faster and optimally. The task of the parents, simply accompanying and supervising the child to play, either playing alone or playing with others.

Let the child move freely by giving enough play time in your home. Whether it’s crawling, walking, jumping, climbing stairs or other physical activities that are not harmful to children.
Avoid carrying your child too often because it can make the child lazy to move. Children who are less mobile can cause motor development of the child’s body is less stable, for example easy to fall when walking, easy to nabrak and other things.

Parents also need to know the stages of development of the child in order to provide appropriate and effective response and stimulation.

Getting used to creative activities for children

Children’s playtime is not only limited by physical activities, we can get used to children doing various creative activities that are very beneficial for children’s development. For example, by inviting him to play puzzles, arrange certain building patterns and color the picture.
When your child is very active, the attention of both parents is very important to realize.

It could be by taking turns to accompany, look after and supervise the child while they play. Don’t let go of your attention to super-active children to avoid unwanted things happening.

Creative activities for children can accelerate the development of the child’s brain and intelligence. So that they can more quickly understand and learn to adapt to the surrounding environment well.

Don’t forget to start a child to connect with others, including other children their age so that your children can easily adapt to the environment outside the home.

4 Important stages of the process of growing and growing anak

Important Stages of Child Growth and Development
Children’s Growth

Here are some stages of child development that you should know, so that the Golden Age in children can be maximized.

  1. Emotional development – In this age range, stimulation of a child’s emotional development plays an important role because it can be an important initial phase to shape the child’s personality. Maintaining a balance of emotional factors also needs to be considered, so that the child can begin to learn to understand and know the pleasant or not emotions, good and bad attitudes and such behaviors.
  2. Social development – The Golden Age age range is also the most appropriate phase of the time to introduce children to the social environment outside the home. For example, introducing a child to another child his or her age and others in your surroundings.
  3. Moral development – This phase of the Golden Age in children is the most appropriate time to instill good moral and behavioral teaching such as religious education and other moral lessons.
  4. Development of intelligence – The stage of development of intelligence in children does begin from the age of infancy, but entering the age of 3 to 5 years, the influence will be very strong on the personality and growth of the child. All aspects of nutritional and nutritional needs as well as good teaching from parents will be seen in this age range.

In order to carry out a heavy mandate as parents, we must always learn and continue to hone knowledge to educate and care for children in accordance with the growth and development of children.

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Hopefully this article Important Stages of Child Growth and Development can be an inspiration for you to start better.

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