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Easy Steps to Draw Murals on Room Walls

Easy Steps to Draw Murals on Room Walls

Does your son or daughter complain about the boring atmosphere of the room? It could be because the room is too plain without touch of other colors. In addition to hanging some room decoration ornaments or photos on the walls of the room, you can try drawing a simple mural to cheer up the atmosphere.

Without the need for professional help, you can even invite your son or daughter to do this activity together because it is quite easy and not too expensive.

What tools and materials will you need to draw a mural on the wall?

  1. Image to be created mural
  2. Transparent mica plastic
  3. Markers
  4. lamp
  5. Shoe cardboard box
  6. Tape
  7. Chalk color
  8. paint
  9. Medium paintbrush
  10. Small paintbrush, for artistic detail
  11. Wall (of course!)

How to make a picture on the wall of the room, here are the steps ;

Step 1 : Select Picture

Choose the image you want to paint the mural. Cartoons, animals, or flowers will be suitable for your little princess’s son. Such images can be found in magazines or illustrated storybooks. Let your daughter’s son determine their tastes while being directed. Choose a picture that’s funny but not too complicated, because it’s your first experience isn’t it?

Easy Steps to Draw Murals on Room Walls

Step 2: Trace the Image

Trace the image you chose to transparent mica plastic with permanent markers. Stroke the line as clearly as possible so as not to be ambiguous.

Easy Steps to Draw Murals on Room Walls

Step 3: Image Projection

Create a simple projector using cardboard boxes, lamps and tape. Project transparent mica plastic onto the wall to be made mural. Keep the projector stable in place and not sway.

Easy Steps to Draw Murals on Room Walls

Step 4: Trace the Projection Image

Trace the image projected onto the wall with chalk color. The use of chalk is intended so that the wrong scratches can be removed easily. Choose a chalk color that matches the wall base paint so that the strokes are clearly visible. For this activity, your daughter’s son may participate. Stay with them and invite them to focus on following the projected image line. This way, you’ve outlined a mural on the room wall.

Easy Steps to Draw Murals on Room Walls

Step 5: Start Painting

Once the wall has captured the projection of the image with chalk, start circking from the edges. Use a small paint to start outlined the image according to the color you want. Your hands need to be steady and it takes patience not to cross the chalk line. Of course this activity you have to do yourself for perfect results because your daughter’s son may be too excited and not careful. Once the outline is clear, fill the drawing room with paint and give details to embellish your mural.

Easy Steps to Draw Murals on Room Walls

Step 6: Workaround

After all the finishing touches and paint dry, clean the walls by wiping the clean cloth from the outline away from the mural carefully to remove the chalk left behind from the previous plagiarized.

Easy Steps to Draw Murals on Room Walls

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Now, step back a few steps and invite your daughter’s son to admire the art of working together. This activity is suitable for filling holidays. Good-bye!

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