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What Not to Worry About Ahead of Marriage

What Not to Worry About Ahead of Marriage

Entering the sacred gates of marriage will indeed be a serious thing to prepare. Everything must be ready, the heart must be steady and the commitment must remain. He said that ahead of the wedding there would be a lot of ‘riots’ that would arise. Preparation of marriage is a waste of time, energy and funds, not to mention dissent until the intervention of parents who make dizzy.

Various problems and preparations are tested for stability. However, there are many things that do not need to worry about before the wedding. All problems have solutions and all the heavy will feel easy when accompanied by sincere intentions, right? So, before the annulment of the wedding is thrown into a speech, know first which things really do not need to worry about ahead of the wedding.

Will It Be a Dream Wedding?

Buildings and decorations according to the theme, memorable wedding invitations, charming wedding clothes to delicious meals that satisfy hungry invited guests of course you must take into account. However, put it all aside when in your heart and your partner feel heavy about such things. Marriage is not a desperate event to show off, marriage is a gate that makes anyone should feel comfortable after passing through it, not even burdened like for example, wrapped in debt. Don’t be forced. If this happy day only happens once in your life, why not make things easy? Weddings aren’t even just reception parties. Marriage is a new chapter in your entire life. Don’t forget about the two families that will unite. Debates about dissent should be avoided. Make it simple. The most important thing is how to make everyone feel comfortable, think about how to get to know each other and appreciate each other.

Is He the Right Choice?

Choosing someone who will accompany you to live your life is not easy. It takes stability and a strong commitment, it is natural that in the process of convincing yourself there will be a variety of doubts. However, when the marriage is in sight, it feels like this kind of question is not appropriate. Shouldn’t you before deciding to marry her, you should be steady with her first? If this kind of anxiety arises ahead of the wedding, then it is likely that this is just an unwarranted anxiety. Excessive fear, tends to be sickening even later will trigger many trivial quarrels fatal.

Believe me there will be many positive things that happen after marriage even though she has many shortcomings. Someday, you’ll be the one who understands all the flaws the most and you’re the one who can complete them. Don’t you also have flaws that require the intervention of others to correct them? So he was the same. He needs you to complete his shortcomings. Complement each other and keep trying to be the right person.

Will Our Household Last?

Nothing immediately worked. All have a process, even to reach a successful household. He said uniting two heads in one household does take a long time. But if that continues to be your fear, then when will you dare to step into the wedding? Quarrels inevitably occur, all depending on each individual, can or do not learn lessons from every quarrel that occurs. Be wise, think twice before acting and continue to believe that God never misplaces feelings in your heart.

Marriage is not a toy, but unwarranted anxiety is not justified. There’s a lot to think about carefully and fear will make you weak to step up. Good luck.

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