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Are You Happy in Living the Home? Find the Answer!

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After living in the household for many years, the question arises, “Am I happy in this marriage?” Perhaps, you begin to hesitate to answer it.

If you can’t answer it yet, you can recognize the signs of a happy couple in living their household as follows.

Can Still Hear The Laughter of Children and Couples

If you can still hear the laughter of your child and partner, it’s a sign that your family is happy. Because laughter can also be interpreted as a form of happiness.

There’s Happiness When You See Children and Spouses

Just look at the child and your partner already feeling happy. Obviously, it’s because your child and partner have given you something of happiness, whether it’s attention from your husband, whether it’s a fun child because it always gets the attention of his parents, and so on.

There’s Always a Desire to Give the Best for Children and Couples

Because feeling happy is what motivates you to always give the best for your child and partner. If you’ve always had that desire, then it’s the drive of happiness you feel.

Can Still Gather

In a happy family, of course, you will take the time to gather. In fact, it will take a lot of time to be able to gather family. If you can still get together, it’s already a sign of your happiness.

No Complaints Against The Shortage of Couples That Are Hard to Change

Every human being has flaws. Some can be changed, some are hard to change. Perhaps, early on you want a change in your partner’s shortcomings, but over time, the happiness you feel can eliminate complaints against a partner’s difficult-to-change shortcomings. Gradually you will accept it all.

Mutual Respect for Each Other’s Likes

If you can respect each other’s mutual interests, it is clear that it is based on happiness. When you are happy, it feels like all your favorite couples will also be your favorite. You and your partner will respect each other’s preferences in order to provide comfort.

Not Solving Problems

In the household, there must be problems as well as debates. However, in a happy family, the debate will not be allowed to be great. You or your partner immediately look for a solution so as not to get longer. In fact, it ends or does not matter, however it will not be extended. Neither you nor your partner can easily turn the issue on to anything else as if there had been no debate before. For example, when you are arguing with a partner, suddenly your partner reminds you that lunch time has arrived, then you and your partner have lunch together.

Smooth Communication

An important point in a relationship is communication. If communication is smooth, you and your partner can easily express anything including criticism, advice, gratitude, or sharing happiness. Thus, happiness will follow itself in your home.

No Secrets

Because the characteristics of happiness is one of them will not be willing if all things are not shared with the partner. So, the visible sign of happiness in your home is from no secret between you and your partner.

Suspected Cheating Husband, Know His Characteristics

No Infidelity

Infidelity can start with being unhappy. So, if there’s no infidelity, it’s a sign your household is happy.


Do you feel the affection of your partner? The affection you get is certainly not necessarily without reason. That affection comes from being based on happiness. Happiness will be felt in the form of mutual affection.

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Of the 11 exposures above, have you begun to conclude whether you are happy living in a household with your husband?

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