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5 Benefits of Guava Leaf For Beauty

Guava Leaves

The benefits of guava or guava are well known. Some of the benefits of guava are to treat infections and prevent cancer. So what about the benefits of guava Leaf?

Guava Leaf also have benefits for the health of our body. One of the benefits of guava for health is that it can help cure diarrhea.

For the step of curing diarrhea with guava leaf is also very easy. Simply eat guava leaf that are still young. The move is quite powerful, both for adults and children.

Benefits of Guava Leaf for health, there are also benefits of guava leaves for the beauty of our body. Guava leaf are recognized to be good for skin as well as hair.

This kind of thing is because there are several medicinal substances contained in guava leaf that are good for health and beauty.

In fact, guava leaf have antioxidant content. Antiseptic (antibacterial) and anti-inflammatory content also has guava leaf. According to the results of some research that has been done explained that in guava leaf there is also a pain repelr.

Benefits of Guava Leaf For Beauty
Guava Leaves

For more details on what the benefits of guava leaf are for the beauty of skin and hair, such a brief explanation as taken from boldsky’s page:

1. Curing Blackheads
You can reduce the amount of blackheads that are on your face by rubbing the guava leaf in a way that is on the skin of the face that is blacked out.

2. Cure Acne
Guava leaf have an antiseptic content that can erunk acne-triggering bacteria attached to the skin.

3. Itching Drugs
If you are suffering from allergies and feel the sensation of hives, so you can try to heal what you feel by rubbing the allergy room with wet guava leaf.

4. Curing Hair Loss
You can reduce the problem of hair loss by boiling water along with guava leaf. After refrigeration part of the time, massage the scalp with the leaf. You can use this herb everyday until it appears to change.

5. Reduce Wrinkles
Wrinkles are a problem that will also face every human being. But wrinkles at a young age are a problem that many fear. To deal with wrinkles, you can use antioxidants inside guava leaf. The step of avoiding wrinkles is that you can stick the heated guava leaf first on the face. Such a move is useful to reduce the onset of wrinkles in the face.

That’s part of the many benefits of guava leaf for hair beauty as well as facial treatments.

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