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5 Recommendations for Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oil is one of the products used to clean the face. Not only is it considered effective in lifting dirt, this one product is also considered more effective for cleaning makeup. Usually, this product has the main ingredient in the form of natural essential oils.

If usually famous brands sell this product at a fairly expensive price, do not be discouraged just yet. There is also kok cleansing oil at affordable prices with good quality. Curious? Check out the recommendations below.

Cleansing Oil Emina Easy to Find

Cleansing Oil Emina
Emina Cleansing Oil

Nowadays, Emina is one of the brands that are quite loved by teenagers. This is because, Emina presents make up products that are bag-friendly as well as suitable for adolescent skin. In addition to makeup, Emina also sells several skin care products,one of which is Emina Traceless Oil Cleanser.

With raw materials that are safe and light for the skin, this product can also be used by all types of skin tablets. The price is quite affordable, which is 50 thousand rupiah and can be found easily in online stores and drugstores.

Dew Natural Cleansing Oil From the Island of the Gods

Natural Dew Cleansing Oil
Natural Dew Cleansing Oil

One of these local products comes from the Island of the Gods, and presents cleansing oil as its mainstay. The ingredients themselves are made from virgin coconut oil, caster oil, and other traditionally made essential oils. The price is only 70 thousand rupiah.

Hada Labo Frequently Reviewed Beauty Vlogger

Hada Labo Celansing Oil
Hada Labo Celansing Oil

This brand is often discussed by beuty vloggers, because although imported products but the price is quite affordable. For cleansing oil products themselves are priced in the range of 50 thousand rupiah to 85 thousand rupiah.

For those who have sensitive skin with dyes and fragrances, this product is worth considering. Because Hada Labo does not have the content of both ingredients in it. Moreover, this product is also powerful for cleaning waterproof makeup though.

Biore, a Skincare Brand for Millions of People

Cleansing Oil
Biore Cleansing Oil

Who doesn’t know this brand? Biore is a skincare brand that is quite widely used by people. Just like Emina, Biore which is a Japanese brand is easily found in drugstores. With a price of 100 thousand rupiah, this brand mampi make up completely. In fact, after rinsing, the skin feels non-sticky.

Sensatia Botanicals Rejuvenating Pomegranate

Sensatia Botanicals Rejuvenating Pomegranate
Sensatia Botanicals Rejuvenating Pomegranate

Scincare product is also one of the products that successfully represent the natural nuances of the island of Bali. This brand uses natural raw materials that are environmentally friendly and free of animal cruelty.

One of the mainstays of this brand is Sensatia Botanicals Rejuvenating Pomegranate. Cleansing oil contains the original pomegranate extract, although the price is a little expensive. With a price of 180 thousand rupiah, this brand offers unquestionable quality because its natural raw materials are safe for the skin.

Well, that’s five cleansing oils from some brands with fairly pocket-friendly prices. Of the five brands above, which products have you used?

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