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7 Ways to Keep ‘Sneakers’ White

How to Keep 'Sneakers' White

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Fashion developments are hard to predict.   If there used to be a lot of people who avoided buying and using white shoes because they were quickly dirty,   now shoes with specific white color are increasingly in demand.

It’s no exception with sneakers. Shoes that are now widely held by young people are not missed from the white trend. There is always a feeling of comfort when using such shoes. In addition, sneakers also make us more   trendy. Those shoes are no longer rare items. In almost all shoe shops already provide sneakers. However, how to take care of shoes sneakers   The whiteone? Quoted from several sources, here are tips on caring for white sneakers:

  • Customize Care Products with Material Types

Know your type of shoe material first. Leather or canvas? After that, you are strongly advised to have a shoe care product according to the material of sneakers that you have. These care products can later have benefits to keep shoes from stains or mold. Once sprayed with special cleaning products, you can wipe them with a clean cloth. As for canvas material can use a fluffy toothbrush.

  • Routine Care

Having white shoes does have to be more diligent in taking care of it. Quoted from detikcom,according to Didit, a member of Indonesia Sneakers Team, a community of sneakers lovers in Indonesia, white shoes are very easy to dirty and the color is quickly yellowing. “It’s usually due to age or stains being didiemined,” said the man who owns the Emerging by Proud To Wear shoe store. Didit recommends cleaning shoes after using them or at least once a month.

  • Avoid Clothesline in the Sun

Avoid drying sneakers in the sun as the color of the shoes can yellow. After white sneakers are cleaned or exposed to water it is best to dry immediately without direct sunlight. “It is best to dry or just wind in the house or terrace, do not be directly exposed to the sun,” Didit’s advice quoted detikcom.

  • Store in Dry Places

To avoid mold and change the color of the shoes, keep the shoes in a dry place. You can also sprinkle baking soda in your shoes to remove unpleasant odors and also avoid mold.

  • Clean Separate Soles

Some stubborn stains like to stick to shoes especially on the soles even if you have cleaned them with a washing machine. To deal with it, you should wash it separately. How to wash it is by wetting the cloth into soapy water. Then rub it onto the sole of your shoe. If it can’t be lost too, use alcohol, then rub it on the sole Sneakers You.

  • Use the Washing Machine

Don’t miser. Quoted from Stylecaster,washing Sneakers with a washing machine can also be done. However, there are special conditions for that. You need to wrap it in a cloth or towel to protect the skin Sneakers from the washing machine. In addition to protecting, it also serves to prevent the sound of impact sneakers   in the washing machine. Another tip, use cold water in the washing machine. Also avoid using bleacher.   It could   ruin your shoes.

  • If Muddy, Dry First

You have to wait for the mud in the shoe to dry first, only then it can knock out the mud by patting both shoe soles until the mud falls off. But if the stain is just a little, it can use a brush moistened with water, then brush it on the dirty part. Don’t forget to take off the shoelaces.

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