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7 Ways to Straighten Lasting Hair Naturally

Straight hair naturally

Actually you do not need to be confused, because currently there are many ways that can be done to straighten hair quickly such as smoothing, rebonding and others, which can be obtained easily in salons and beauty centers. However, unfortunately doing hair care in these ways sometimes leaves problems in the future such as hair becomes unhealthy, dry, dull, branched, fatally again the hair will fall out and get damaged, not really? Beauty experts seem to have realized this so it is not surprising that now many hair care products are popping up from extracts of natural ingredients allegedly able to treat and nourish hair.

Okay, just take a peek at 7 ways to straighten hair naturally that proved to be more durable and last longer.

1.Eggs & Milk

Both of these ingredients are very easy to get and relatively cheap, but of course you still doubt whether these two ingredients can really straighten hair, right? The content of nutrients and vitamins contained in eggs and milk is very good for treating the scalp, preventing dandruff, and in a certain period of time will make the hair become straight that is durable. Can’t believe it? Try to prove it and do it in the following way:

  • Take 1 egg, use chicken eggs, and do not forget to add two cups of white milk, do not add sweeteners such as sugar (both ingredients that have been mixed are called hair masks)
  • Use a hair mask from a mixture of eggs and milk by applying on the strands of hair evenly.
  • Next, cover your hair with a shower cap (head covering when bathing) and leave it on for up to 15-20 minutes. In addition, this natural hair mask is used 30 minutes after shampooing and wearing conditioner.

2.Lime & Coconut Milk

Coconut milk has good nutritional compounds and bladders, especially for hair health, ranging from vegetable protein, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, copper, selenium, folate, zinc and vitamins such as Vitamin C, E, K, B6, B1, Panthotenic Acid and calcium which all have a role to nourish the hair. Furthermore, lime is also rich in Vitamin C and iron which is good for treating and nourishing hair. The mixture of lime and coconut milk will give maximum effect to nourish and straighten your hair. Using these two ingredients to straighten hair is quite easy, use coconut milk that is thick as much as 1 glass, mix with 2 tablespoons of lime juice. Then pour evenly all over the hair to the roots, cover the hair and let stand for approximately 1 hour, before rinsing with clean water.

3.Mixed Almond Oil & Conditioner

Usually after shampooing, of course you use conditioner to straighten hair, right? But by using conditioner, the results are certainly less than optimal. According to the advice of some beauticians should add a few drops of almond oil to conditioner (about 3-4 drops), and do this treatment regularly after you shampoo, so that the hair is straighter and healthier.

4.Sop or Celery leaves

This spice leaf has many health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure in people with hypertension, cholesterol-lowering drugs, kidney cleansers, rheumatic drugs, anti-anemia, and improving immunity and many other benefits. But did you know that celery also falls into the category of natural ingredients that are effective in straightening hair and how to wear it is also practical. Take approximately a handful of sop leaves, wash until clean, then blender or pound until completely smooth. Next, do not forget to add a little water before being squeezed using a clean cloth medium, take the water from the squeeze and store it with a bottle container. Before using the water from celery leaves should be let stand for one night before use. The next day celery leaf extract water can be used by bending it on the hair to the roots evenly, give a little gentle massage for relaxation and stimulation, and after 15 minutes rinse the hair with clean water.

5.Aloe Vera Plant (As a conditioner)

How to straighten hair with aloe vera
Straightening hair with aloe vera

Since long ago aloe vera is known as a hair-fertilizing plant, the content of nutrients and vitamins in it also makes this plant widely used to straighten hair, the part of the plant used is its gel. How to use aloe vera to straighten hair as follows:

  • Use one stick of aloe vera that has just been in the crate (which is still fresh), then separate the gel contained on the inside of the stem by cutting, or the contents can be scraped with a spoon or the like.
  • Heat aloe vera gel for a while, after cold then the gel is applied or applied evenly throughout the hair to the scalp as a conditioner used after shampooing. By diligently using conditioner in the form of aloe vera gel every time you shampoo, the hair will become straight, healthy and shiny.

Castor oil ( Castor Oil )

Abroad this oil is widely used to nourish, nourish, including straightening hair. In Indonesia this oil is better known as castor oil. This oil is very effective for straightening hair, because it does not contain compounds that have the potential to damage hair. Here’s a simple way to use castor oil to straighten hair, see the steps!

  • Heat enough castor oil
  • While still warm, apply evenly and slowly on the scalp, do not forget to give a gentle massage for 5 minutes so that castor oil seeps into the pores of the scalp. Then, wrap the head using a warm towel that has previously been soaked in hot water. After 30 minutes, don’t forget to rinse your hair thoroughly as usual.

Banana and Papaya Hair Mask

Bananas and papayas are also believed to have nutrients and vitamins that are able to make hair straight and healthy, no wonder if currently many hair mask products made from bananas and papaya. But even better if you make your own hair mask at home, besides being more economical, you can also make sure that the mask is derived from fresh ingredients.

Here’s how to straighten hair with a banana and papaya mask:

  • Take a medium-sized bowl
  • Take the meat of bananas and papaya to taste, put it in a previously prepared bowl.
  • Mash the two simultaneously until smooth, make sure the two are completely fused and mixed evenly, so that later it will be shaped like a mask. If it is too concentrated or thick, add a little warm water. Oh yes, add a little pure honey too. Furthermore, banana and papaya masks are ready to be used throughout the hair to the roots. After 30 minutes, then the hair is washed and cleaned by shampooing so that the remains of banana and papaya masks are completely clean.

Thus 7 ways to straighten hair naturally that can last and can last a long time if applied properly, regularly. Make sure straight, healthy and shiny hair is yours

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