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Adam Levine’s 5 Style Inspirations Are Easy to Try

Adam Levine's 5 Style Inspirations Are Easy to Try

Who doesn’t know Adam Levine? Adam Noah Levine is a singer, a vocalist of the band Maroon 5 who doubles as a top musician and songwriter.

Born on March 18, 36 years ago, it doesn’t make her charm fade. The husband of Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo has always managed to steal the attention of fans, especially women, because of her cool charm and style.

Want to look like it? Take a peek at the 5 inspirations that you can get from the figure of Adam Levine, so that you are also stylish cool and handsome like him.

White T-shirt and black jeans

Every man has at least a white T-shirt and black jeans. Adam Levine, who seems to have a closet full of two fashion items, remembers how often he wore a white T-shirt and jeans on many occasions.

Adam Levine's 5 Style Inspirations Are Easy to Try White shirts are able to make a man look more masculine and charming because men who wear white T-shirts can make the ratio of men’s chests look more significant than usual, so that men’s chests are more visible fields. However, this illusion only applies to white T-shirts that are upright. Unlike a white T-shirt with an inverted T-line that will make the view look at the abdomen. White T-shirts with inverted letters are not recommended for puffy-bellied men.

For Adam Levine who loves classic fashion, combining a white T-shirt with black jeans is an option to look classic yet still stylish and casual.

Dark colored shirt

In semi-formal events, Adam Levine wears a dark long-sleeved shirt, such as black, gray or dark blue. While wearing a shirt with these colors, Adam Levine’s stocky and muscular curves became more prominent. You can also try wearing it, if you’re confident enough in your body shape.

In addition to the plain dark-colored shirts, Adam Levine also often wears plaid shirts with a dark base color. Shirts with this motif is timeless and classic, easily matched with other fashions.

Adam Levine Hairstyles

Recently chose bald hair, not necessarily make Adam Levine’s good looks reduced. She is always up to date about hairstyles and whatever hairstyle she always looks to suit her. Even so, hairstyles still have to be adjusted. Following every Adam Levine style is perfectly legal, as long as it suits you. Adam Levine's 5 Style Inspirations Are Easy to Try

Look in the mirror and pay attention to the shape of your face, try adjusting it to your desired hairstyle. The face is tapered or oval, matching any hairstyle. As for those who have an oblong face, try trying a rather long hairstyle with bangs or without bangs, it is cooler when accented layer.

Adam Levine’s athletic body

Athletic body can be obtained by maintaining a diet, adequate intake of nutrients, especially protein, as well as exercising. Usually sports that are done to get an athletic body are weight lifting exercises and the like. However, unlike Adam Levine who tends to like yoga to maintain and shape his athletic body. Adam Levine's 5 Style Inspirations Are Easy to Try

Maroon 5 vocalist’s stage action is quite exciting and draining. Therefore, Adam Levine prefers sports that are not heavy, but sports that still make the body relax.

Because of his love for yoga, Adam Levine always prepares a special yoga room behind the oanggung so that he can still exercise in between his busy life. Not infrequently, he also did yoga with his wife.

Facial hair

Speaking of Adam Levine, we must immediately be reminded of the facial hair that is attached to his trademark. Undoubtedly, facial hair can indeed improve a man’s masculine side.

If you are interested in trying to grow facial hair, there are a few things that you should routinely do. Such as keeping the skin clean, especially in the area of the face where facial hair usually grows.

You can try using facial soap formulated to remove dead skin cells. Wash your face a maximum of 2 times a day, morning and night. Dead skin cells can inhibit the growth of hair on your face.

Herbal herbs are also recommended. Use eucalyptus oil, or you can make your own oil made from amla leaves and mustard. The mixture of lime juice droplets and cinnamon powder can also accelerate the growth of facial hair. Apply the herb by massage. When the feathers begin to grow, it will usually feel a little itchy. This you can overcome anti dandruff shampoo.

Following the idol style is fun, but believing in yourself is necessary. Be yourself, by not forcing yourself to try to have an idol-like appearance. But if you feel capable and the style is right for you, why not? Good luck, yes.

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