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BB Cream Wardah For Oily and Acne Skin

BB Cream Wardah For Oily and Acne Skin

BB cream wardah for oily skin and acne is very suitable, if you are looking for BB cream wardah review then you will find many beauty blogs that review bb cream wardah this.

Wardah beauty products have been known by indonesian women for a long time, and the best selling is women’s powder. In terms of safety of course wardah cosmetics is very safe to use because it has been recognized by BPOM.

In addition, the advantages that Wardah has are very much one of them is BB cream wardah for oily and acne skin. Almost every day we talk about how to overcome oily skin and breakouts with a wide variety of powders, and this time we will try to discuss BB cream wardah to overcome oily skin and breakouts.

Wardah has two kinds of BB cream among them is BB cream wardah everyday & Wardah Lightening BB Cream. Two BB cream wardah has its own function and advantages, Wardah Everyday BB Cream for oily skin and BB Cream Wardah lightening for dry skin.

BB Cream Wardah Reviews
BB Cream Wardah Lightening

Of these two variants have the same 2 shades that are Light and natural, many say that shade light is the most suitable but better if you match your skin tone with the shade.

The texture of BB cream wardah everyday feels very soft and cold when applyed to the face. Wardah Everyday BB Cream is also able to remove black stains on the face as well as remove the black color on the eye bags. BB cream is also very suitable for oily facial skin, because it has enough oil control

For Wardah Lightening BB Cream in terms of texture BB cream is a little thicker than BB cream wardah everyday. As many women say that BB Cream Wardah lightening is very suitable for dry skin, because this powder feels moist and cold when used.

BB Cream Wardah lightening will give nutrition to dry skin so that the face will look fresher and brighter when using this BB cream. BB cream wardah is also durable when used, up to 6 to 7 hours.

For bb cream wardah price in bandrol with price in the range of Rp.25.00 to Rp.30.000.

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BB cream wardah is very easy to find, you can find it at the cosmetic counter or alpha near the house. Good-bye!

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