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For the Sake of Glowing Face, It’s The Stage of Wearing The Right Skincare!

Glowing Face, It's The Stage of Wearing The Right Skincare

Glowing it takes a struggle huh, Ladies? The many types of products that can support the skin of the face to be beautiful and glowing not infrequently confused, how the hell the stage of using the right skin care?

The term skincare that is grounded lately, refers to facial skin beauty products that are useful to treat and overcome a variety of problems such as acne, blackheads, dullness to prevent wrinkles. The goal is to make the face look more glowing a.k.a shine like a Korean artist.

Well, let the treatment does not fail, you need to know the stages of using the correct skincare. Loper discuss below yes, Ladies!

1. Cleanser

The first stage of using skincare is to apply cleanser. Logically, before providing nutrients, our facial skin should be completely clean, right? Amazingly, yes, cleanser in general not only cleans, but also has the strength to maintain the moisture and elasticity of our facial skin, you know!

The step of cleansing the face itself is most effective if done two stages or what we commonly know as double cleansing. The first stage of cleansing the face usually starts from removing the remnants of makeup,dust and dirt using cleansing balm, cleansing milk, cleansing oil or micellar water.

The second stage, wash the face to be cleaner perfectly by relying on foaming facial wash, non-foaming facial wash or gel foaming facial wash. To choose the right cleanser product, adjust it to your skin type, yes!

2. Toner

The next step is to apply a toner to the face. Toner in ancient times was quite avoided because the products usually contain alcohol that makes the skin dry and feels like it is pulled. Toner containing alcohol also usually gives a painful and painful sensation.

Now, toner is precisely important because of its moisturizing function and prepare the face before applying skin care. In addition, the toner is also able to restore the skin PH after washing the face with a facial wash. In fact, some people choose to do double toner for maximum results, you know!

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There are actually four functions of toner, namely restoring skin PH (balancing), exfoliating (removing dead skin cells), hydrating (hydrating the skin) and penetration (preparing the skin for skin care use). However, since no product is perfect, it is enough for us to choose only two toners, namely exfoliating toner and hydrating toner.

Exfoliating toner, or toner used to remove dead skin cells and cleansing remains, is directly applied to the face after face washing. To do this, pour the toner on the cotton swab and pat it on the face.

Second, apply a toner that aims to hydrate the skin. This type of toner usually does not require cotton in its use. Do this double toner twice a day, morning and night.

3. Serum

The next stage of using skin care is serum. This type of skin care contains amino acids, water and emulation as well as additional formulas that are able to nourish the skin to the deepest layers of the skin. The formula is able to work ten times more effectively than regular face creams, so, it is natural if the price is relatively expensive.

Serum serves to tighten, moisturize, prevent premature aging and smooth and brighten the skin. Serums and moisturisers are very different. Therefore, serum used to be a new moisturizer.

Serum is applied after using toner. Wait 1-2 minutes for the toner to infuse, after which, apply the serum immediately. This timing is important, because the serum should be used when the skin is still in a damp state, in the sense that the toner on the face is not too dry or wet.

Use serum to taste, which is about 1-2 drops. Flatten it on the face. It is important to give serum to the neck. Remember, the serum will not work if the use is excessive or the application is incorrect. Enough twice a day, morning and night.

4. Moisturiser

Although serum is better than moisturiser, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need it. Moisturiser is needed to moisturize the skin while locking the serum formula to work more optimally.

stages of using skincare, toner wajah
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Choose a moisturiser according to skin type. For example, moisturizers with hyaluronic acid and ceramides for those of you who have dry skin or are oil-free for oily skin. The best moisturiser is one that contains spf at least SPF 15 although later you will use sunscreen as well.

Remember to apply moisturiser gently and massage it on the skin instead of being rubbed. Avoid using moisturiser when the skin is dry, as it will only work when the skin is moist.

5. Sunscreen (Morning) or Face Oil (Night)

As Loper said earlier, we still need to use sunscreen or sunscreen. The function of sunscreen is nothing but to protect the skin from the bad effects of sunlight when you are on a day out. Well, at night, use face oil instead of sunscreen to moisturize your skin.

Well, that’s the stage of wearing the correct skincare. Don’t get confused, Ladies!

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