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Short Hair Model According to Face Shape

Short Hair Styles

Having short hair to look beautiful is a must-watch especially for a woman. This is very important considering that women always want to look beautiful and also charming in appearance. In this article we will find out about short hairstyles according to the shape of the face.

The shape of a round, oval, or square face can tell what kind of hair styles is most appropriate to use.

Having a short hair styles is a great choice especially for those who have solid and energetic activities or do not want to bother with various things when the hair is long. Here are some styles that fit the shape of the face.

Short Hair Models According to Oval Face Shape

Short Hair For Oval Face
Short Hair For Oval Face

For those of us who have an oval face shape don’t have to worry about the hairstyle we will choose. Because for those of us who have oval face is very suitable to choose any short hair styles. The hairstyle we choose can be oval shaped or bob even made curly and also customized to our character.

Short Hairstyle For Round Face

Short Hair Styles For Round Face Shape
Short Hair For Round Face Shape

Different face shapes are also hair styles used. A hair styles for those with a round face shape that has a hairstyle that is longer than the chin. This is done in order to disguise our round face. If we like bangs then we can use a tilted pony order to make it more beautiful and not look round.

Short Hair According to Long Face Shape

Short Hair For Long Face
Short Hair For Long Face

On a long face shape, we can choose a hairstyle that is rather long than the face shape. This aims to keep the face shape from looking longer. To make the sapat look more perfect we can make the side hair styles longer than the other part.

Short Hair Models For Face Boxes

Short Hair Model For Face Box
Short Hair For Face Box

This square or square face shape is a unique face shape. The shape of the face that tends to be wide and also square should use a long hair styles and given the impression of curly to disguise the wide face and give an elegant impression. The most important thing is not to let the length of the hair from the side equal to the jaw because it will give a wider impression.

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Short Hair For Heart Face Shape

Short Hair For Heart Face Shape
Short Hair For Heart Face Shape

The shape of the heart’s face has a wide forehead as well as a narrow chin. This face shape matches the hairstyle with thinly trimmed edges. While the back hair is left to have volume.

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