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25 Recommended Women’s Short Hairstyles

Short Hair Styles

In addition to men, women also sometimes want to trim their hair to short. This is against the backdrop of several factors such as practicality to emerging trends. However, choosing a short hairstyle for women is not as easy as for men. There are many considerations to be made before deciding which hairstyle to follow.

Women need more consideration regarding the shape of the face because if the wrong hairstyle the woman will easily lose confidence. Is that right, ladies? So, before deciding to cut your hair, check out the following hair styles recommendations.

1. Straight Shoulder Styles with Bangs

Straight ShoulderEd Styles with Bangs
Straight Shoulder-Length Hair With Bangs

If you want to cut hair but don’t want to make your hair too short, you should try this Styles. You just have to cut your hair off your shoulders. As for the setup just need to be left straight tergerai. Add bangs on the right or left to get an adult feel to your appearance.

2. Shoulder-Length Straight Hair

Shoulder-Length Straight Hair
Shoulder-Length Straight Hair

This hairstyle is arguably the simplest and most commonly chosen by women. It’s called simple because you only have to separate the hair into two parts. Let the hair decompose straight down. Although it looks simple, this hairstyle makes the owner look elegant. With this style you can also attend important moments with your simple style.

3. Shaggy Styles

Shaggy Styles
Shaggy Styles

Shaggy Styles were a trend a few years ago. But until now there are still many people who are loyal to this hairstyle. This style is very favored by women who like hairstyles that are not too short. People who have an oblong face shape are very suitable to wear this hairstyle because it makes it look more beautiful.

4. Shaggy Lob Styles

Shaggy Lob
Shaggy Lob

Lob is short for long bob. Bob hairstyles that have previously been popular are developing, namely a slightly long version of the bob style. Shaggy lob Styles means maintaining lob style with shaggy cut type. This type of cut is suitable for those of you who have thin hair.

List of Shoulder-Length Short Hair Styles For Women

5. Split Edge HairStyles for Wavy Hair

HairStyles Split Edges for Wavy Hair
HairStyles Split Edges for Wavy Hair

Don’t be afraid to change your hairstyle, yes, the owner of wavy hair. You stay stylish by wearing a split-edge hairstyle. Of course, this side-by-side style helps you look fresh. Leave long bangs on one part to make your cheeks look a bit imitated. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it? Let’s try this style.

6. Equal Cut HairStyles

Equal Cut HairStyles
Equal Cut HairStyles

The same flat hairstyle is highly recommended for those of you who have straight hair. Your hair will be cut equally long at the front and back. With this style, you’ll look simple and classic. You can leave it without bangs, but if given bangs there will be a modern feel to your simple appearance.

7. Bob HairStyles

Bob HairStyles
Bob HairStyles

Short bob hairstyles are widely chosen women who have a round face type. But basically this hair Styles is suitable for any face shape. The maintenance and setup is relatively easy. When going to an event, the owner of a short bob hair does not take long to make up the hair. Besides being simple, your style will also look elegant.

8. Bob Bangs HairStyles

Bob Bangs HairStyles
Bob Bangs HairStyles

It’s almost the same as the previous hairstyle, it’s just that there are added bangs to this style. Those of you who have a round face shape are highly recommended to wear this style. The bangs on your hair will give you a sweet impression on your appearance. The bob berponi hairstyle was used by Bunga Citra Lestari when playing diana’s character in the film My Stupid Boss.

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9. Short Cuts with Thin Bangs

Short with Thin Bangs
Short with Thin Bangs

Choosing a short hairstyle for a fat woman is hard to find. But, don’t worry. There is one hairstyle that you can contek, namely a short cut hairstyle with thin bangs. Place thin bangs on the sides. These bangs will give you a tyred feel on your chubbyface. So, your cheeks won’t be your barrier to looking trendy, yes.

10. Graduated Bob hairstyle

Graduated Bob hairstyle
Graduated Bob hairstyle

In addition to being known by the name graduated bob, people also know the name of this woman’s haircut as inverted bob. This hairstyle is an alternative for those of you who have a round face shape. The back hair is cut shorter than the front. By wearing this style your fat cheeks will be camouflaged.

Short Hairstyle For Round Face

11. Bob’s hairstyle with Choppy Edges

Bob hairstyle with Choppy Edges
Bob hairstyle with Choppy Edges

Still with bob hairstyles, it’s just that in the following styles the ends of your hair are made choppy. Those of you who have a round face shape with shoulder length hair are strongly advised to use this style. With this choppy bob style, your look will be easy to match with any outfit model.

12. Bob Longs Bangs Hairstyle

Bob Longs Bangs hairstyle
Bob Longs Bangs hairstyle

The peculiarity of this hairstyle is the long bangs located on the side. The shape of the bangs that cover part of the face certainly helps give the impression of imitation on your round waja. In addition to imitating the face, the bangs on this hairstyle also serve to make your appearance look elegant and graceful. You’re ready to go to important events.

13. Layer hairstyle

Layer hairstyle

For those of you who want to look fresh with short hair styled korean girls, this hairstyle is worth considering. In your hair will be given a touch of layer that makes you fresh and stylish. In addition to changing your appearance, this haircut model can also make a mock impression on your cheeks. So, for those of you who have fat cheeks, try this new style.

14. Pixie Cut hairstyle

Pixie Cut hairstyle
Pixie Cut hairstyle

If you’ve ever watched the Korean drama Cinderella and the Four Knights, you’re no stranger to the beautiful Park So-dam who plays the female lead in the drama. Park So-dam has a pixie cut hairstyle that makes her look more beautiful and cute. This korean woman’s hairstyle is also classified as simple and easy in her care.

15. Bob Split Edge hairstyle

Bob Split Edge hairstyle
Bob Split Edge hairstyle

Bob’s hairstyle doesn’t seem to be dead style. If you want a slightly different hairstyle, try a fringed bob hairstyle. The bob hairstyle herself includes an easy-to-shape hairstyle. Adding a split edge hairstyle to the bob model will make your style even fresher. Your chubbycheeks can also be camouflaged.

16. Choppy Hair hairstyle

Choppy Hairstyle
Choppy Hairstyle

This hairstyle is still classified into the development of bob hairstyles. Choppy hairstyle are often worn by those who want to look rough. Hair doesn’t need to be neatly styled. Just comb your hair with your fingers, then your look becomes messy. Hairstyles like this can certainly make you a trendsetter.

Korean Women’s Short Hair

17. Loose Wave hairstyle

Loose Waves
Loose Wave Short hairstyle

One more hairstyle recommendation for those of you who prefer a messy hair look. But messy hairstyles don’t make you look bad, either. Precisely the natural beauty that you have will radiate clearly. The waves in this style will also make your hair look volumey but keep it light.

18. Bob Sci-fi hairstyle

Sci-fi Bob
Sci-fi Bob Short hairstyle

Bob hairstyles do have many variations, one of which is a sci-fi bob hairstyle But this style is more suitable for people who have an oval face shape. A characteristic feature of this style is the taper-made haircut that gives it a firm look. The characters in the sci-fi films most often wear this hairstyle.

19. Curly hairstyle

Curly Hair
Curly Short hairstyle

One of the hairstyles that can make you look different is the curly hairstyle. You don’t have to curl all your hair, just from the middle to the bottom. This hairstyle can help get around thin hair because it makes the hair look contained. You’ll look even more charming with this style.

20. Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Blunt Bob
Blunt Bob

Not a few people prefer to choose this hairstyle. This model is said to strengthen the jaw that the round face has. Whereas such a thing can be siasati by cutting hair slightly longer than the jawbone. That’s how this blunt bob hairstyle works to make your round face less visible.

21. Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle

Asymmetric Bob
Short Hairstyle- Asymmetric Bob

For those of you who have curls, you should try an asymmetric bob hairstyle. Just lengthen one side of your hair a little bit. Next, you can accent the curls on the longer side of the hair. If a thin-haired person tries this style, accent curls will make the hair more noticeable.

22. Bob Middle Split Hairstyle

Bob Middle Split

If you’re not one of those women who likes side-by-side hair, you can apply a middle-split bob hairstyle. Take it easy, your round face will still be camouflaged, though. Basically bob hairstyle are intended for those who have a round face shape. So, don’t worry about not being able to enliven this bob hairstyle trend.

Determining the Right Short hairstyle

23. Chin hairstyle

Sedagu Hair

This hairstyle can be tried by anyone without fear of one of the hair models. A haircut that touches the chincovers most of your face. Because it’s not too short, this one is recommended for those of you who want to try short hairstyles but don’t want to be too extreme.

24. Short Hair For Face Box

Short Hair For Face Box

For those of you who have a box-shaped face don’t be afraid to cut your hair into a pedek. Because short hair is also suitable for you. You can still look beautiful and elegant even if your hair is short. Make the front of your hair slightly pointed forward to cover the jawline of the cheeks that box-faced people generally have.

25. Short Hair For Oval Face

Short Hair For Oval Face
Short Hair For Oval Face

The latter hairstyle is recommended for women who have an oval face. Actually women who have oval faces are suitable to wear any hairstyle. So, if you want to try even the most kinky style it won’t affect you too much. Short haircuts on oval-faced women can still make you look the way you want.

Basically, before cutting the hair you can look for references about the desired hairstyle. You can also customize the hairstyle to the shape of the face. Determine your face type first and then specify the appropriate hairstyle. Check out the various short hairstyles above once you’ve shaped your face.

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