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How to Choose the Right Shirt for Men?

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In the world of work or daily life. we certainly can not be separated from the attention to the fashion style that we wear. Even men can not be separated from the spotlight of the style of appearance. Shirt are a great choice for formal occasions or casual occasions such as dating or sightseeing.

Shirts with the right shape and pattern, will certainly shape your appearance to be more maximal. Maximum performance will be very directly proportional to confidence. But how to choose the right shirt? Here are the tips:

Materials Used

Material is an important component that must be considered in choosing clothes that we will wear everyday. Because this greatly affects the comfort and health of the wearer. Then, how to choose the right shirt material for your body? Choose cotton on your shirt.

In general, cotton material can absorb sweat well. This will make you more comfortable and does not cause skin or mold irritation. In addition to cotton material, you can also choose polyester material that has the advantage of not easily tangled. Your appearance also becomes more awake.

Fitting When Worn

To look more attractive, choose a shirt that fits your body. If necessary, choose with a slimfit model so that it fits your body. Make sure the shirt does not bubble when inserted in the pants. Because this can reduce your peforma appearance. Feel free to try on the shirt before you buy it. By trying it you can see and feel which shirt suits your appearance needs.

Watch the Collar

When choosing and trying on a shirt, make sure that when the collar buttons are attached it doesn’t make your neck suffocated so it’s more comfortable to wear. in addition the shape of the collar can also be adjusted to the shape of your face.

Color Selection

Make no mistake in choosing the color of the shirt you will wear. Because wrong color selection will be fatal to your appearance. Choose a color that suits your skin tone. For those of you who have a dark skin tone, do not occasionally choose a striking color because it will seem ‘tacky’. Choose a shirt with soft colors and tend to be calm like beige or basic colors such as black and white.

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For those of you who have a bright skin tone, avoid the choice of shirts with pale colors because this will make your appearance become lacklustre. Choose bright colors or occasionally try wearing a shirt with light and bold colors. The bright colors will make your appearance look more passionate and vibrant.

Choosing a Motive

There are a lot of various motifs on shirts such as plaid, stripes, to batik motifs are also available. Therefore adjust the motif of the shirt you are wearing to your body shape. For fat bodies, avoid wearing shirts with a “crowded” motif, this will make you look fatter.

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In addition to the body shape, pay attention to where you are going. The atmosphere of the event you go to is certainly very closely related to the motif you wear. For example, batik motifs are very suitable to be worn at formal events such as weddings.

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