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How to Lengthen Hair Faster And Easier

How to Lengthen Hair Faster And Easier

Hair is said to be the crown of a woman. This is because the beautiful look of hair makes a person look more attractive. Long hair that is strong and healthy is also the dream of many women. But not all women have long healthy hair, because the way to lengthen the hair itself is quite difficult.

The length of growth of rambur can be influenced by many factors. Such as loss, using the wrong hair care products, and the lack of vitamin intake at the root of the hair. If you have this condition, check out some ways to lengthen your hair below!

Consumption of Vitamins To Stimulate Hair Growth

Vitamins To Stimulate Hair Growth
Natural Vitamin Sources For Hair

The use of hair vitamin products that are not as needed will even make the hair more damaged. Well, to replace it you can get vitamin intake from natural ingredients.

It is a food source that is rich in B and D vitamins so that it can help hair growth. Reporting from Medicalnewstoday, a 2012 study in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine showed that vitamins could help form new follicles where new hair can grow.

It can reduce hair loss and increase hair thickness. In addition, Vitamin D also helps “re-awaken” inactive follicles to become active again so that the hair can grow back. You can get natural B and D vitamin intake from whole grains, salmon or mushrooms.

Don’t Carelessly Choose Shampoos

Choose The Appropriate Shampoo

Choose a shampoo product that suits your hair needs, as much as possible avoid unnecessary substances. Such as SLES, SLS, silicon, and parabens, which are often referred to as ‘dimethicone’ on labels.

These ingredients are classified as coarse and can accumulate on the surface of the scalp. So it will clog the hair follicles, and interfere with hair growth. If you have chosen the right shampoo, use it correctly.

Avoid using shampoos that take too long on the hair, as it can remove natural oils on the scalp and hair. As a result it can trigger damage and brittle hair, so it will be difficult to grow long.

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Don’t Forget to Use Conditioners Too

Also Use Conditioner
Use Conditioner After Shampoo

Using conditioner after shampooing is also one way to lengthen hair. Kondisoner will help restore moisture to the hair so that it avoids loss.

In addition, adding moisture to the hair can also help grow the hair shaft, increasing its strength and elasticity over time. For maximum results, apply conditioner after shampooing while the hair is still wet. After 15 to 30 minutes of silence, you can rinse it thoroughly.

Washing With Cold Water, The Easiest Way to Lengthen Hair

Washing Hair With Hair Water
Washing Hair With Hair Water

Shampooing with cold water can add strength to hair growth. Cold water prevents moisture loss as well as damage caused by heat. Shampooing with cold water will also avoid matted hair.

In addition, cold water also protects the pores on the scalp remains closed so as to prevent dirt from entering. Another benefit is that cold water improves blood circulation which will make the scalp and hair roots obtain their nutrients.

Don’t Dry Your Hair

Drying Hair
Don’t Dry With a Rough Towel

The drying process of hair after shampooing also affects its growth process. If you usually dry your hair with a towel roughly, stop it from now on. Because rubbing or rolling the hair with a towel firmly will make it tangled and trigger damage.

Choose a microfiber towel because it is softer and dry by gently wiping it. If your hair tends to be curly, choose a cotton towel. But the best way to dry it is by air and let it dry by itself.

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For those of you who have oily scalp should wash your hair regularly. Because a healthy scalp becomes the most effective way of lengthening hair. So, from now on don’t be lazy to shampoo!

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