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How to Take Care of Safety Shoes To Be Durable

How to Take Care of Safety Shoes To Be Durable and Durable

Safety shoe care is the most important thing, especially its function as a personal protector, especially on the feet, safety shoes can protect both sharp objects, chemical fluids or heavy objects. We all don’t want the shoes worn not to perform their functions, because we don’t take good care of them.

Here are tips or how to keep shoes safe with baik

Store in dry areas

Keep safety shoes against a dry room even the middle temperature because the basic material is made of leather. The skin will lightly mushroom if put in a damp room, if the shoes have mushroomed into can be directly broken. Stored in the middle temperature has the intention that the rubber material in the bottom sector of the shoe is not simultaneously damaged due to temperature heating, for example in put in the sun.

Clean & polish your safety shoes

How to Take Care of Safety Shoes To Be Durable and Durable

Cleaning or polishing shoes regularly is the absolutemost factor in maintaining these safety shoes. If the shoes are not infrequently you wash also disemir will be rundown & look decrepit. You certainly don’t want to use filthy & seedy shoes to get to work. Moreover. Shoes will be immediately damaged also broken if too long in slum conditions.

Wash Safety Shoes with Detergent

Wash your safety shoes with detergent with soft ingredients. If you clean these shoes with detergents that iron hard so that the shoe dye material will fade, therefore, this kind of factor can put the color of the shoes into faded & uncomfortable to be used.

See the color of safety shoes

If the shoes have mushroomed the most suitable step in cleaning it is to use a special spray cleaner. After spraying the whole brush is a mushrooming facet with a fine brush (sample toothbrush). Do not be too hard in rubbing it so that the color of the shoes does not fade. After brushing also washed first dry to a room that is not immediately exposed to sunlight. If you have a fan so fan the shoes with the fan so that the drying shortly.

Wear toothpaste when shoes are white

If the shoes are white so wash them with a softer detergent. You are able to use toothpaste in washing it. Also flatten the shoe brush in a flat way so that the skin is not damaged is also durable.

Shoe drying

Dry the shoes facing the sun that is not too hot, about 7 to 11 minutes. Because if exceeded the heat must be in the drying many times will result in damage to shoe material from metal even rubber. Against drying, you should not forget to put interference to safety shoes. This kind of factor is intended so that the shape of the shoe does not switch or tangle because the leather of the shoe is lightly switched form is also tangled because the water is also hot. The interference material you can use is a clean dry cloth.

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