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Inspiration Photo Prewedding Outdoor Make Couple More Romantic

outdoor prewedding photo inspiration

Who doesn’t want to look charming on instagram and in like many visitors. Especially with a couple who will have a wedding in a close wakyu. When it comes to choosing a couple’s clothes it is difficult because it relates to the tastes and themes of the wedding that are preferred.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to to choose a kebaya shirt model for prewedding,besides kebaya shirt with tassel at the bottom will give a graceful and classy impression, there are many color options and patterns that you can choose for prewedding photos.

What suggestions and ideas can you use to choose a couple shirt for prewedding?, Let’s take a look at the following article.

Why look romantic with a couple?

Marriage is one of the most long-awaited moments for every couple. How not, marriage is one of the most important moments in life and very happy for the bride-to-be. Yes, it is not surprising that brides-to-be prepare for the wedding from afar, starting from looking for the concept of prewedding photos, the concept of a procession event, invited guests and many more.

Prewedding photos are now one of the most important things in the series of events. Well, for those of you who want to look for prewed photo concept, here we will present a collection of unique and romantic prewedding photo concepts that you can use as a reference before doing prewedding photos.

Why choose kebaya as a dress for prewedding?

In terms of models, this prewedding kebaya is almost the same as kebaya for marriage. Usually the kebaya chosen has a long tail. So it adds beauty in shooting.

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For men, kebaya used kebaya that is simple or many also wear black or white suits. Because the black suit is natural so it can be paired with any color.

prewedding javanese classic
Classic Javanese Prewedding

Prewedding photo inspiration Underwater scenes

The concept of unique prewedding photos underwater may not have tried much. This prewedding photo concept can be your consideration if you choose a unique prewedding photo. Prewedding under water photos may be at risk of getting wet on wedding dresses or worn konstums. But, by choosing the right photographer and the right photo style like a top model, then you can have super cool photo results. The scenes can be followed as in romantic drama films.

Prewedding photo concept Underwater scene
Photo Inspiration Prewedding Under Water

Prewedding photo inspiration Beachside scene

Many people say that the beach can indeed be symbolized as a romantic place. No wonder, if many brides-to-be make the beach as a romantic outdoor wedding photo view. How can beach romance be matched by a bride’s romance? Examples of romantic outdoor pre wedding photos on the beach are a bride-to-be standing on the corner of a bridge near the beach and staring at each other or hugging or kissing a forehead and a photo will be taken when the waves break off the coral on the beach.

prewedding on the beach
Beach Outdoor Prewedding Photo Inspiration

Bohemian-themed prewedding photo concept

Inspired by hippie style. What’s interesting about this theme is that you and your partner can look casual and stylish at the same time. This theme is also identical to nature so if you want to have a beautiful feel in pre wedding photos, this theme is suitable for you. Take a location in a park or plantation. Build a minimalist tent filled with. Or if you want the atmosphere of the plantation to be more felt, just put a cloth to be used as a seating mat.

Bohemian-themed prewedding photo concept
Bohemian Prewedding Theme Photo Inspiration

You can braid your hair and use a headband. Also wear a maxi dress with floral motifs and ask your partner to play his guitar while wearing a t-shirt with unique motifs and round sunglasses. Style it like when you’re both joking around.

Photo Concept photos on a Lake or Mountain

Photos on beautiful lakes or mountains are one of the ideas that are trending today. Many couples do not like it, because the terrain is heavy when it comes to climbing the mountain, and for photographers and crew must also agree to do so, of course the time it takes is also a lot, and the necessary funds are also not cheap.

Prewedding Photo Concept Photos on Mt.
Inspiration Photos Prewedding outdoors on Mt.

Well do you guys want to choose one of these ideas? Many couples are willing to go to the same time to make their prewedding unique to others, because it’s a moment that’s only a lifetime.

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