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New Brand Ambassador, Cosrx Collaborates with The Most Expensive Korean Actor Kim so Hyun

Cosrx Collaborates with The Most Expensive Korean Actor Kim so Hyun

Skincare brands in Korea where the brand will collaborate with artists, models and Popular South Korean actors such as Kim so Hyun with his brand Cosrx to be his Brand Ambassador aimed at increasing sales and informing everyone that this artist and actor uses products from the brand so that it has a smooth face.

For fans of the range of facial skincare products from Korea, surely familiar with this brand. The brand in question is Cosrx. Since its inception in 2013, Cosrx has become one of the beauty brands from South Korea that always presents good quality products.

Cosrx’s product range is known to be very powerful to overcome various facial skin problems. By combining the ingredients in each product very neatly makes Cosrx not only known in South Korea, but also known by other countries including Indonesia.

If Nacific collaborates with Chanyeol “Exo” and Dita “Secret Number” to become a Brand Ambassador, Cosrx which is one of the product range brands for skin care from Korea also does not want to lose. Now, Cosrx is partnering with Kim so Hyun to become a Brand Ambassador in a range of products specifically for the latest acne skin.

Who doesn’t know one of these handsome actors named Kim so Hyun. The actor has been an idol of many people since his presence in the drama titled Dream High. Especially after starring in the drama My Love Who Can From The Star (2013) and his last drama titled Its’Okay Not To Be Okay (2020) made Kim so Hyun’s name soar. In fact, he is the most expensive actor per episode of the drama he stars in.

Kim so Hyun himself has been widely known by Korean drama fans from all over the world including Indonesia. Therefore, Kim so Hyun wants to be closer to his fans globally by becoming a Cosrx Global Brand Ambassador.

The reason Cosrx collaborated with Kim so Hyun himself is because of his personality known as an actor who has a genuin or original and inspiring acting qualities. His personality is in line with the values that have been upheld by Cosrx, namely genuine, transparency, and establish good communication with Cosrx users around the world. This is as revealed by Cosrx Indonesia Brand Manager, Diazca Gita.

“From that equation, Cosrx considers that Kim so Hyun is the right person to be Cosrx’s Global Brand Ambassador. The most important thing about it all is that Kim so Hyun personally also cares deeply about self-care, especially the face. With the treatment to make her facial skin will always be awake without acne, especially if using Cosrx products” said Diazca in her official statement on Friday, (11/20/2020).

With the presence of Kim so Hyun to be a Global Brand Ambassador Cosrx products are expected to inspire and provide knowledge about the product range from Cosrx to the Indonesian community more broadly. In addition, the hope that people will care more about themselves, especially taking care of the face because the face is one of the important things in supporting the appearance as always done by Kim so Hyun during this time. Thus this can be a solution for any facial skin permalahan experienced by many people.

Along with kim so Hyun joining to become a Brand Ambassador, Cosrx also released a new product series specifically to overcome the facial skin problems that are most often experienced by many people, namely acne. This new series is named AC Collection whose entire product contains CentellAC-RX Complex which has been developed for many years by Cosrx. This is done in order to optimize the effects of Centella Asiatica in overcoming acne and treating the skin from acne scars.

Cosrx, Kim Soo Hyun, Perawatan Wajah

For the product range of AC Collection consists of complete facial care products ranging from facial soap to acne spot treatment including for cleanser named AC Collection Calming Foam Cleanser, tonernya named AC Collection Calming Liquid Mild & AC Collection Calming Liquid Intensive, AC Collection Bleming Spot Clearing Serum, AC Collection Lightweight Soothing Moisturizer for moisturizers, AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream for acne medicine , and AC Collection Acne Patch.

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For those of you who want to try the latest products from Cosrx and happen to live in Indonesia, this series of AC Collection can be purchased at Sociolla either through its official website or directly to the Sociolla Store.

The product is guaranteed original because Sociolla is the number 1 trusted and complete online store in Indonesia where this store sells a wide range of skincare, makeup, skin care, safe beauty products and bpom certified.

By shopping for beauty products here including the Cosrx AC Collection range, products will be guaranteed authenticity. For the price of all its product range, you can check it yourself through the official website or come to the official store.

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