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Look Makeup and Skin Care Predicted to Be a Beauty Trend 2021

Look Makeup and Skin Care Predicted to Be a Beauty Trend 2021

It is currently entering its 2nd week in January 2021. It is common if something that becomes a trend in the previous year will affect the trend in the next year, including look makeup and skin care. In addition, there is a change in habits, especially in the “New Normal” is able to limit ourselves in terms of makeup so that it is very influential on beauty trends in 2021.

Regarding beauty trends, there will be one makeup look that is predicted to be the main trending in 2021, Skinimalism. Not only that, there will be some makeup looks as well as skin care that are also predicted to be one of the popular beauty trends this year. So, what are the makeup and skin care looks that are predicted to become beauty trends in 2021? Curious? Let’s take a peek at the reviews below.

1. Face yoga

Facial yoga is an easy way to do skin care to feel new and different. Not only is it easy, this activity needs to be added to the ritual of daily care because it is more efficient and free. So, before you buy a wide range of skincare products for facial treatments, it is better to try to do facial yoga. It is believed to help improve circulation, relieve facial tension, and increase the natural shine on the facial skin.

2. Probiotics Skincare

Everyone certainly knows that probiotics are very good for health especially skin health. Probiotics can provide good benefits for human skin when used in skincare or skin care products in addition to its good benefits for the digestive system.

Skincare or skin care that has probiotic content is predicted to be in demand by many people in 2021. One of the probiotics commonly used for skincare is Bifida ferment lysate which is useful to improve the texture of damaged skin and as an anti-inflammatory.

In addition, Bifida ferment lysate can also maintain skin immunity especially when we are required to wear a mask every day outdoors.

3. Blurred Cat Lines

Blurred Cat Lines focuses on using eyeliner. This makeup result is perfect for someone who likes the use of thick eyeliner when makeup. Many people like the use of eyeliner because it makes the eyes look bigger and firmer.

In 2020, Winged eyeliner makeup look with intense eyeliner is a favorite of many people. Winged eyeliner with smudged or blurred effect to the upper folds of the eye is predicted to be a favorite of many people in 2021. The technique in applying eyeliner will make the dimensions look more chic.

4. Bold Lips

During this pandemic, a person must wear a mask. Even so, we can still use makeup including lipstick. Lipsticks with bold colors are predicted to be more popular in 2021 than nude colors that were previously popular in 2020.

When you’re not wearing a mask, it doesn’t mean you try lipstick with bold colors to improve your mood when you’re at home. Just by using bold lipstick, you will still look fresh even without thick makeup.

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In addition to Skinimalism, it turns out that there are several makeup looks as well as skin care that will become a beauty trend in 2021. However, all of the predictions above are not always correct and occur. Let’s just wait for what makeup models and some skin care products will become a beauty trend in 2021.

The makeup trend “No makeup” look still persists to be a beauty trend until now because it is very suitable to be used especially conditioned that obliges to use a mask. Although the makeup results are not thick, it is enough to make a charming makeup look when using a mask. Hopefully useful.

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