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Lululun, Recommended Japanese Brand Sheet Mask To Get Mochi Skin Texture On Face

Lululun, Recommended Japanese Brand Sheet Mask

Lululun Sheet Mask – Women in the world, especially Indonesia, are vying to get facial skin like the famous Korean Glass Skin or glass-like skin where the trend has become a beauty trend of women in the world, but recently, a trend emerged that is being discussed. The trend in question is a Japanese beauty trend called Mochi Skin.

Mochi Skin is arguably a healthy skin look with a smooth texture, moist, bright and chewy. To get the look of the skin, a dermatologist from Japan named Anju Saito said that women in Japan have a habit of using sheet masks every day. That’s because sheet masks contain essence that can provide good hydration for their skin.

Number 1 Brand Sheet Mask in Japan

Speaking of sheet masks, Japan itself has a brand that is number 1 in the Land of Sakura, even visitors can find this product in various beauty stores in Japan. The product is called Lululun which presents a variety of variants rich in nutrients to increase skin hydration by up to 90%. To get the mochi skin look, what are some variants of lululun sheet mask that can help hydrate facial skin? Here are the sheet mask recommendations from Lululun that can be used daily.

1. Lululun White Face Mask (Brightening)
Lululun White Face Mask
White Face Mask

Lululun White Face Mask contains Elderflower extracts rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that serve to brighten the skin. In addition, this sheet mask variant also contains Nanoized Complex Vitamins A, B, C, and E that are useful to brighten, tighten, and refresh the skin. Lululun variant with white packaging with a little milky color is intended for someone who has problems with acidity and uneven skin color.

2. Lululun Pink Face Mask (Hydrating Glow)
Lululun Pink Face Mask (Hydrating Glow)
Pink Face Mask (Hydrating Glow)

Lululun Pink Face Mask with baby pink packaging display contains Glucooligosaccharide that can maintain skin elasticity. This variant is enriched with Mandarin Orange Peel that can tighten and make the skin clear. Lululun Pink Face Mask is suitable for all skin types.

3. Lululun Blue Face Mask (Deep Moisture)
Lululun, sheet mask
Blue Face Mask (Deep Moisture)

Lululun Blue Face Mask provides extra moisture to the skin where this variant contains formula Cactus Extract and High Fructose Corn Syrup which has the ability to lock in moisture and strengthen the protective layer of the skin for up to 72 hours. This variant with blue packaging combined with pink color is highly recommended for owners of dry facial skin and combinations.

Not only that, these three sheet mask variants from Lululun contain Chinese Peony Flower Extract which has functions such as vitamin D that can hydrate and protect the skin layer.

Advantages of Lululun Sheet Mask compared to other products

Aside from the content in the sheet mask which can increase skin nutrition by up to 90%, Lululun has other advantages, one of which is the shape of the mask itself. The different forms compared to other products are as follows:

  • Lululun sheet mask is created from a material that is 100% woven microfiber with a thickness of up to 0.66 mm which is considered able to accelerate the penetration of essence in the skin so that the skin can look bright, moist, and chewy in a short time.
  • This sheet mask has a 3 layer structure with moisture water storage tank that is rich in nutrients in the middle of the sheet. The part can lock the essence contained in it and keep it from drying.
  • The shape of this sheet mask is also designed according to the shape of the face. This is done so that the sheet can stick properly on the face so that the essence liquid contained can seep directly into the skin evenly.
  • Sheet mask shape is more elastic so that it can be adjusted to fit the shape of the user’s face

How to get Lululun sheet mask in Indonesia

If you are especially Indonesian women who are struggling to have skin like Japanese women. You are highly recommended to use lululun sheet mask products. Please note that currently, Lululun is already present in Indonesia and has passed the BPOM certification test.

You can get this sheet mask product through some of the largest cosmetic stores in Indonesia such as sociolla official store and, Watson, and other cosmetic stores. You can get all three variants of Lululun face mask in two package sizes. First, the packaging with the contents of 7 pcs priced at Rp. 89.000 and the second, packaging with the contents of 32 pcs priced at Rp. 320.000.

The written price is based on Sociolla. A trusted and complete offline store number 1 in Indonesia that sells a wide range of skincare, makeup, skin care, beauty products, sheet masks, and others. The price is not necessarily the same in other cosmetic stores because different stores differ in price.

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So that’s the information about sheet mask products from Lululun that can realize the look of Mochi Skin like japanese women’s skin. To get maximum results, use Lululun face mask routinely every day because the content in it is very safe so it can be used every day.

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