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Love Natural Makeup, Here Are The Easy “No Makeup” Look Makeup Tips

Natural Makeup, Here Are the "No Makeup" Look Makeup Tips

If you have a fairly dense activity, it feels very reluctant if you face the glass too long to dress up because there is something more important than that. Therefore, you prefer to dress roughly without much polish. However, if your activity demands to keep the appearance of your face to keep your makeup or makeup on stay and natural, that will be a problem.

To maintain the appearance of the face even without a lot of makeup polish so that it will look natural, you can try the makeup tips no make up below to keep your makeup on stay. Here are easy makeup no makeup tips that can be used as a reference for those of you who have a solid activity. Listen carefully yes.

1. Make sure the face is clean before makeup

Natural Makeup, Here Are the "No Makeup" Look Makeup Tips

Whether it’s the type of makeup you want to show, there’s one important thing not to miss: the face is clean before makeup. That way, the health of the facial skin will be maintained so that the makeup no makeup applied will make the appearance remain on stay.

Therefore, before applying makeup, clean your face by using facial cleansing products such as cleansing oil, cleansing balm or micellar water. After that, clean it again using facial foam or facial wash that is usually used.

2. Use a moisturizer that is usually used

Before starting, it would be good for the facial skin to be well prepared in advance. This aims to keep the face smooth so that the makeup results will be sculpted. Previously, use moisturizers that did not have a greasy texture. Wait until the moisturizer absorbs perfectly.

3. Don’t forget to use sunscreen

Sunscreen is an important thing that should not be forgotten. Although your activities are more done indoors, you must use sunscreen. However, use sunscreen that gives moist results to the skin. In the room alone must wear sunscreen, especially outdoors. So, do not forget to use sunscreen before starting makeup.

4. Use a lightweight complexion such as BB Cream

Makeup with a makeup no makeup look aims to display natural makeup results aka not thick. Therefore, use BB cream that suits your skin shade. The use of BB cream is considered lighter than using foundation or BB cushion. When using BB cream, you do not need to use primer as base makeup. Just moisturizing is enough.

5. Use concealer

use concealer

Even if you want to show natural makeup, you definitely still need something to cover your acne and scars. If you only use BB cream, it is not enough. Both are still in sight. Therefore, use concealer that suits your skin tone shade. Apply concealer to areas where acne and acne scars are present. Then apply it also to the part of the face that looks black like under the eyes. Apply it thinly to make the results look natural.

6. Use powder thinly

Even if you want a makeup no makeup look, you still need powder to perfect your makeup. All you have to do is use sow powder and apply it thinly on the face. Just apply it once or twice can already produce good makeup without impressing using makeup.

7. Use blush on thinly

use blush

Although makeup is natural, you need blush to make your face look fresher and blush. Choose blush that matches the skin tone and apply it thinly on the face. For langsat yellow skin, use pink blush. For ripe skin, use peach-colored blush. And for dark skin, use blush on a brownish pink color.

8. Pay attention when creating eyebrows

Makeup in the brow area can often make the look look menor. Especially if you are someone who has thick eyebrows or is too thin. Well, the tip is not to change the eyebrow area of the original shape. If you have thick eyebrows, all you have to do is tidy them up and thinly smooth them out. Whereas if your eyebrows are thin, then fill in the empty part then thinly arsir.

9. Choose neutral eyeshadow

The makeup no makeup look doesn’t mean you only use BB cream, powder, and blush only. You can use eyeshadow, but use neutral colors. To display natural results, use light brown and peach eyeshadow because the two colors include neutral colors and are often used for natural makeup looks.

10. Apply mascara thinly

To complete the eye makeup, you can apply mascara on the lashes. However, before that, pinch first using eyelash clamps then apply mascara thinly.

11. Wear lipstick thinly

Even if you want to look natural, don’t forget to keep lipstick on. Use lipstick with a natural color such as nude color. Apply just a little lipstick on the lips then flatten it by hand. You can also use liptint if you don’t like a rather heavy lipstick texture.

11. Use spray settings

spray setting

To complete the makeup results, you can use the spray setting as the final touch. By using this, your makeup will be more durable. In addition, make the makeup look natural and look dewy.

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So that’s some makeup tips no makeup that can be done to display the impression of natural makeup even without thick makeup. These tips are also perfect for someone who is learning to use makeup for the first time. Good luck.

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