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Mochi Skin, a Unique and Cool Beauty Trend 2021

Mochi Skin, a Unique Beauty Trend 2021

Did you know about mochi skin, which is now predicted to be a unique beauty trend 2021 and easy for everyone to do? Yes, at the end of 2020, there are some beauty trends that have arrived to go viral and are likely to become a trend for 2021. We know that beauty and skincare trends will always be fun things or things to discuss.

A few weeks ago, there was a Korean-style facial treatment trend developed by Japan. This trend makes your face look naturally beautiful, glowing, and soft. This trend is called Mochi Skin

In one of the interviews, a specialist beautician who works at one of Dermapro’s clinics mentioned that this treatment aims to make the skin tend to look healthy and bright like mochi.

But this treatment is claimed not to look excessive because it will only create a more natural and healthy face. However, not all skins can use this treatment. If your skin has a complaint like acne,

Mochi Skin, a Beauty Trend 2021 Inspired By Cake

Mochi Skin, a Beauty Trend 2021 Inspired By Cake
Mochi Skin, a Beauty Trend 2021 Inspired By Cake

Who doesn’t know what a mochi is? Mochi is one of the dishes originating from Japan. Its chewy, soft and sweet texture is the reason why this snack is a favorite food of society in general.

Well this term becomes the title of today’s care trends. This trend emerged from Japan. This trend was created by Japan to be able to compete with the Skin Glass trend from Korea.

Japan has this beauty care trend has actually gone viral before 2021 precisely the beginning of 2020. However, this beauty trend in 2021 will only enter the Country of Indonesia starting at the beginning of the year.

How to Get Mochi Treatment

Several ways are done to get the perfect facial treatment. You can not only do Mochi Skin treatment at beauty clinics. But you can also get this treatment you do. Some steps you can see.

The first thing you can do is do double cleansing. This is one of the steps that you must do after doing activities outside or to clean the remaining makeup that sticks. You can do it at the beginning before doing activities or at night only. This will be able to maximize the beauty trend of 2021 which is mochi skin.

The second thing is to use or apply lotion on your face, this aims to make the skin become chewy and not dry. Use lotions that absorb on the skin.

The third thing is to use a facial moisturizer. Use a moisturizer that is tasked not only moisturize but also have a lot of vitamins for the face.

The fourth step is not to forget to wear sunscreen. This last step becomes the most important step for you to do in skin care. Sunlight is very hard and can damage your facial skin. Especially for sensitive and dry faces.

Differences between Glass Skin and Mochi Skin as Beauty Trend 2021

Differences between Glass Skin and Mochi Skin as Beauty Trends 2021
Differences between Glass Skin and Mochi Skin as Beauty Trends 2021

A few years ago there was a new skincare trend. What has shocked the world, it is glass skin. This treatment became very trading that horrendous all over the world to foreign countries.

This treatment is a step to take care of the skin using various types of beauty products. A distinctive feature of this treatment is the results displayed making the skin without pores, moist and clean.

The two do not have much difference because they basically have the same goal which is to make the skin feel slower. The difference between the two lies only in the luster factor. For mochi skin more leads to a healthier skin bright blush but not too shiny.

Some Beauty Trend Besides Mochi Skin

There are actually several concepts besides mochi that seem to be the beauty of 2021. But earlier in 2020 some treatment trends were already visible. Among them are

Treatment masks. The term maskne itself is a term for acne that arises on a closed area due to the mask. This term appeared during the Covid-19 pandemic. Treatment from the medical and topical team will be able to cope with hyperpigmentation.

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Facelift treatment. In this treatment is a treatment that quite a lot of people are interested in. This is because this treatment causes the face to look younger and cleaner. But in this treatment not a few people are still afraid to try. Because this treatment should use the surgical system to make the face look firmer and younger.

Having a bright, clean and blushing face is everyone’s dream. Before you want a good treatment for your face. Previously you could find out first about what your face needs. Because the wrong treatment can cause the supposedly beautiful face to glow into a red rash.

Care For Teens

Care For Teens
Care For Teens

For those of you who still have juvenile skin before the age of 21. Maybe you can try the following ways to treat facial skin according to mochi skin, beauty trends 2021.

The first thing you do is to be careful in choosing beauty products, do not try to squeeze acne. Do face washing activities twice a day because washing your face too often can cause the skin to lose moisture.

The next step is to use a facial moisturizer, avoiding the use of scrubs for the face as this can cause facial skin irritation and cause acne. Wearing sunscreen with an spf over 30 is essential.

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Because even if you only do activities in the house or the sunshine room will still come in and make your face dry, and the last step is to keep your hands clean. Germs stored on the hands can affect the face because the germs move to the skin of your face.

Step above you can use it as a simple thing before you later try for facial treatments in beauty clinics. Let’s try this beauty trend 2021, who knows your face is suitable to use it.

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