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In addition to Neutral, This Is a List of Must-Have Clothes To Look Sylish!

In addition to Neutral, This Is a List of Must-Have Clothes To Look Sylish!

Most women have the same color. Like neutral colors and preferred colors that fill the wardrobe. The year 2021 itself presents the trend of outfits with bright and glittering colors that will not be boring.

Now, don’t be too happy to be in your comfort zone to be more free to express yourself. Have fun by wearing colored clothes that this year is trending and get rid of neutral colors for a moment.


Lavender Color Clothing
Lavender Clothing Color

Lavender color may have been owned by women when they were children because this color does give a childish impression. But nowadays the color lavender is found in many online shops. Lavender itself corresponds to the same colored flowers. No need to be afraid to appear boyish, because it can be a fashion item such as cardigan to dress.

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Light Green

Light Green Shirt
Color of Light Green Clothes

Olive or sage colors may be too common to wear today. Now it’s time to wear lighter colored clothes but still calm like light green. When wearing it is guaranteed the look will look more radiant. This color itself is tightly tied to confidence, nature, energy and increases creativity.

Mid-tone Brown

Color of Clothes
Brown Mid-Tone Clothing Colors

For lovers of earth tone color may already be familiar with this one color. Among the list of colors that must be for women to have may be this one color including neutral. Almost any skin color can wear it.

Pastel Yellow

Color of Clothes
Pastel Yellow Clothing Colors

If you are not confident in wearing bright yellow clothes, maybe pastel yellow color can be chosen. This one color tends to be calm but still presents a cheerful impression on the wearer. No wonder this color is referred to as the pale yellow version.

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Cornflower Blue

Color of Clothes
Color of Cornflower Blue Dress

The latter is cornflower blue which is fittingly worn when the weather is clear. Because the color is calm, not excessive but still standout will make the mood always happy.

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