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Outer Casual Recommendations for Lectures

Casual outfit for college

Large-Scale Social Restrictions or PSBB will soon turn into a transition period to the new normal. Some public places have been opened, such as malls and some offices. These places are certainly opened by continuing to run health protocols in accordance with government regulations.

One of the other places that may be opening soon is the campus. Some campuses have already announced when offline teaching and learning activities will begin. Some of them are still busy working on rules and strategies so that students can re-enter college. Well, for you students, are you ready for offline lectures after a long time of learning from home? To increase your confidence, using outfits that make you feel comfortable and pede can be one of the tricks. Therefore, in this article, there are 8 outer casual recommendations for college that you can use in the new school year! Let’s take a look at the list of recommendations!

1. Denim Jacket

Denim jacket
Denim Jacket

Outer this one is indeed one of the fashion items that are timeless. By using denim jacket,you will get a casual and boyish look on your outfit. As fashion trendsgrow, denim jackets also get a lot of modifications. Lately, denim jackets decorated with embroidery and patchwork are being much loved by people. Embroidery or patchwork is widely affixed to the back of the jacket, or on the chest on the front side of the jacket. In addition to the embroidery variations and patchwork patchwork, denim jackets also have a variety of cut options, such as cropped, ripped, or fringe.

2. Cardigan

Cardigan, outer casual for college

Cardigan is an outer casual choice for lectures that are right for you lovers of simplicity. Cardigan is famous for its simple model, so this outer is comfortable to use for a variety of activities, including for lectures. The outer is also designed with a flowy and lightweight model, so it won’t make you feel overheated.

For its use, cardigans are usually used with a front that is not closed or buttoned, although indeed some cardigans add buttons or zippers on the front. One of the reasons why outerwear is much loved is because cardigans can be combined with a variety of outfitstyles.

3. Knit Outer

Knit Outer
Knit Outer

Knit outer is similar to cardigan,but the material is specific to knitted yarn and usually has buttons on the front. Besides being used as a fashion item, knit outer can also warm your body. Knit yarn used as the base material of knit outer makes this outer a bit thick, so it can keep your body warm.

4. Sleeveless Outer

Sleeveless Outer
Sleeveless Outer

Outer this one is perfect for those of you who like to use long-sleeved tops. By adding sleeveless outer to your outfit, your look is guaranteed to look more kece and stunning! In addition, sleeveless outer is also suitable for those of you who have a thin body. Because, outfits that look stacked will give extra volume to your body, so you will look more contained. Outer that gives the impression of sweet and polite can be combined with various types of subordinates, such as skirts and baggy pants.

5. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket
Bomber Jacket

Outer casual for college the fifth is a bomber jacket. Outer this one had boomed around 2017. For those of you who want to get a boyish look,using a bomber jacket can be one solution. In addition, bomber jacket will also give the impression of a casual and stylish outfit. The boyish impression of the bomber jacket was present because it was inspired by the jacket model used by military pilots during World War I.

Did you know that there are actually other differences that distinguish bomber jackets from other jackets? Bomber jackets are shorter in size than most jackets. This bomber jacket is usually designed with a length that only reaches the waist area.

6. Oversized Shirt

Oversized shirt, outer casual for college
Oversized Shirt

Another outer that can give a boyish impression on your outfit is oversized shirts. Oversized shirts used as outer are usually flannel shirts. Oversized shirt can be used in two ways, namely with the front buttoned or open. If you use it with a buttoned front, oversized shirts will give you a more formal and polite look. If you leave the front open, then you will get a more casual and relaxed look.

7. Varsity


Another jacket variant that is suitable as outer casual for college is varsity. Varsity is a jacket inspired by the model of a jacket in baseballsports. A distinctive feature of varsity lies in the stripes on the collar and on the part of his hands. Inspired by baseball,it’s no wonder that the use of varsity on your outfit will give you a strong boyish look effect. If combined with the use of sneakers,you will get a sporty look for your outfit.

8. Hoodie


Outer casual for college the last one is a hoodie. As the name suggests, the characteristic of this outer is located on the hood that you can attach to the head. Because the material is thick and equipped with a hood, this outer is more coock for you to use when the air is cold. That way, the hoodie can serve as a fashion item to complement your outfitas well as a body warmer. As fashiontrends grow, hoodie models are increasingly diverse. Now, there’s a short-sleeved hoodie that you can use to exercise.

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Those are the eight outer casual recommendations for college for those of you who are preparing for the new school year! Hopefully this outer recommendation can help you to appear more kece, stunning,and certainly more confident on campus yes. Don’t forget to always take care of your health during college by applying health protocols that have been established by the government. Happy mix-and-match outfit of your college!

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