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Best Facial Serum With Melatonin Content

Facial serum recommendations

Facial Serum Recommendations – Now face care products or skincare containing melatonin began to be widely looked at by skin care enthusiasts. Surely this is not without reason. Moreover, melatonin is claimed to be an active ingredient that has many benefits to support the health of facial skin.

From starting to rejuvenate the skin, keep the facial skin hydrated, brighten dull facial skin, overcome acne problems.and much more. Well, one of the uses of melantonin is used as a facial serum.

Recommended Face Serum Options

Melantonin itself is known for its high active content. Various well-known cosmetic brands even use melatonin as the main ingredient for serum products made.

If you are curious and want to prove its efficacy, check out the recommended choice of facial serum products containing melatonin. Here’s a full review.

As one of the cosmetic brands from South Korea that is quite popular, SamKim also does not want to lose by launching serum products for the face with melantonin content. VC Mela Superb Essence, a facial serum or essence product from SamKim is claimed to have many benefits.

1. SamKim VC Mela Superb Essence

SamKim VC Mela Superb Essence
SamKim VC Mela Superb Essence

Among them are able to tighten the facial skin, relieve acneproblems, remove blackstains, fade fine lines to reduce the signs of premature aging.

SamKim face serum comes in two different sizes, namely 5 ml and also 10 ml. This product is also claimed to be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin though. In addition, it is also very safe when used by pregnant and lactating mothers.

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2. Zelens Z-Melatonin Night Serum

Zelens Z-Melatonin Night Serum
Zelens Z-Melatonin Night Serum

Want more perfect night skin care? Then Zelens Z-Melatonin Night.can be a highly recommended face serum option for you. Serum with melantonin composition has a light texture and not too thick. So it is very easy to permeate the skin of the face.

With a content that is able to absorb optimally, this will make the moisture and youthfulness of the face skin become more awake. All you have to do is use this facial serum at night, just once a day.

In regular use, this product is claimed to be able to make acne scars to wrinkles on the face that begin to appear faded and disguised.

3. 3ACT VC Melatonin Serum

3ACT VC Melatonin Serum
3ACT VC Melatonin Serum

Furthermore, there is 3ACT VC Melatonin Serum one of the facial serums with melantonin content that is also quite recommended. If you use this face serum regularly, your facial skin will be maintained natural moisture.

In addition, this face serum is also considered to be able to make facial skin significantly brighter in a fairly quick time. The product with brand 3ACT VC Melatonin Serum is suitable for facial skin with normal to oily conditions.

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4. Melatonin Overnight Milk Makeup Serum

Milk Makeup Melatonin Overnight Serum
Milk Makeup Melatonin Overnight Serum

Not to be missed, Milk Makeup also uses melatonin as one of the compositions for her facial care products. One of them is Melatonin Overnight Serum.

Milk Maleup skincare products are claimed to have a myriad of good benefits for facial skin. Among them are able to make the skin hydrated, making the skin feel more sly and soft to soothe the skin.

Milk Makeup products also add other ingredients that have good benefits for the skin. Such as blueberry acai extract, goji berry and blackberry are rich in anti-oxidant content.

Not only that, this skincare product also contains hyaluronic acid is also able to help hydrate the skin and make the texture of the skin feel much more chewy.

Coupled with the natural aroma of choice, namely the combination of chamomile and lavender so as to provide a relaxing effect. So that makes sleeping at night more quality.

5. ISDIN Melatonic 3 in 1 Night Serum

ISDIN Melatonic 3 in 1 Night Serum
ISDIN Melatonic 3 in 1 Night Serum

If you want to have facial skin to look younger, then ISDIN Melatonik 3 in 1 Night Serum can be the best recommendation that suits your needs. Because, face serum containing melatonin is claimed to be able to take care of facial skin and make it look younger.

In addition, this serum is also able to regenerate damaged skin cells caused by exposure to free radicals. The natural anti-oxidant content in this serum can also meet the facial skin’s need for essential nutrients needed.

This is so that, the skin that used to look dull due to lack of care, can be brighter and younger.

Wisely Choosing a Face Serum

Well, that’s the recommended face serum of choice with melantonin content. From the start, SamKim VC Mela Superb Essence, Zelens Z-Melatonin Night Serum, 3ACT VC Melatonin Serum, Melatonin Overnight Serum Milk Makeup, to ISDIN Melatonic 3 in 1 Night Serum.

Actually there are still many face serum products with other melantonin content. But the 5 products are more recommended because of the many positive reviews it receives from various users.

By knowing the best facial serum product references, hopefully it can make you more able to choose skin care products that suit your needs and skin type. Good luck.

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