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Sunburned Skin, Here’s How to Deal With It

Sunburned Skin

Sunburned facial skin? Sun exposure is sometimes an enemy to your skin. The heat of the sun often causes the body to feel burning, one of which is the part of the skin that feels burned.

How to Overcome SunBurnEd Skin

For those of you who do not want your facial skin burned by the scorching sun, you can avoid going out of the house at certain hours. Usually the sun is very hot around 12 pm to 3 pm.

So if you don’t have too important needs, you should not leave your home, office, or room in the sweltering hours. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get out at that hour. You can still leave at that hour with a special note. For example you need to use a mask so that your facial skin does not burn.

Another tip that you also need to pay attention to is not to wear dark clothes such as black that will usually absorb heat. So you should use soft and cold colored clothes such as jersey, cotton, and so on.

Wash your face

Wash your face
Wash your face

But for those of you who have already left the room and experience complaints of burning facial skin, you can try to cool your face by washing your face.

Alternatively you can use a wet towel containing ice cubes or use a towel that you have moistened with cold water to cool your burning skin. You should not make the mistake of rubbing the towel cloth on your facial skin because it may worsen the condition of your facial skin.

The right way is to attach the towel to the skin of the face that feels burning to minimize the heat and make the skin feel cold.

Traditional herbs

burning skin remedy
Traditional Sunburn Skin Medicine

Traditional herbs such as lemon, yogurt, and sandalwood powder. How to make such a traditional herb is very simple and easy.

The ingredients that need to be prepared for the lemon herb are lemon, rose water and cucumber.


The first step is to squeeze the lemon and mix it with rose water. The second step is to blend the cucumber until smooth. The third step is to mix the lemon juice, rose water, and cucumber evenly. The fourth step is to apply the herb on the skin of the burned face and keep it quiet for 15 minutes before washing it with clean water. You can do it twice a day.


The ingredients needed for yogurt concoctions are flavorless yogurt, tomato fruit, cucumber, and turmeric. The steps are very easy, you just have to blend a cup of flavorless yogurt, one tomato, two slices of cucumber, and a pinch of powdered turmeric simultaneously. Once all the ingredients are done you blend evenly, you can use it to scrub while bathing.

Sandalwood Powder

You can also use sandalwood powder herb to treat sunburned facial skin traditionally.

Ingredients that need to be prepared sandalwood powder, whole milk, and turmeric powder.

Combine a tablespoon of sandalwood powder with a quarter cup of whole milk and a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Stir the three ingredients until they form a paste.

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Furthermore, you can use it as a scrub for bathing as well as yogurt concoctions. When using a scrub do not rush you flush, you should wait for it to dry first, then you clean.

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