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Smooth Skin Thanks to Chemical Peeling

Smooth Skin Thanks to Chemical Peeling

The appearance of fine lines or patches will definitely interfere with the smoothness of your skin and your confidence. But you can do peeling treatment as a solution. You can try chemical peeling with chemicals is one of the fastest to get the ideal skin look.

The peeling process is able to exfoliate dead skin and stimulate the formation of new skin cells. You should check out some explanations about the importance of this process, see the following.

Chemical peeling is the process of exfoliating the skin with a chemical solution in the form of liquid applied to the skin. As a result of the establishment of this chemical solution the dead skin layer will decay and the new young skin will be visible.

Usually chemical peeling materials are commonly used are acidic or acidic materials such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and phenol. Acids that belong to the AHA group such as glycolyc acid include a mild type of peeling. This type is suitable for those who want their facial skin to look bright without feeling irritation such as drastic reddening or severe peeling. For deeper peeling is usually used TCA and phenol for the most intensive peeling.

The use of chemical peeling is very dependent on the condition of the patient’s skin. Each problem on the skin requires a different type of peeling or the same type of peeling but the concentration level is different. This depends on the patient’s skin problems, the doctor’s preference and expertise towards chemical peeling.

For those of you who want to remove fine lines around the lips or corners of the eyes and remove acne scars then you can use superficial chemical peel. Superficial peeling type or skin surface including light peeling type because it uses chemicals with low concentration so that the workmanship is relatively short. But you have to do then the next step by repeating this treatment in a certain time interval in order for the results to be satisfactory.

But for those of you whose cases are heavier such as wrinkles or scars or deep scars, stains caused by pigmentation and so on you can do medium or deep peeling with TCA or phenol. The deep peeling process gives the effect of pain that appears high enough that when working on it you will be given anesthesia or anesthesia and afterwards you should take painkillers. Because in deep peeling used chemical solution with high concentration, the recovery time becomes longer than superficial or medium type. But the results will be much more maximum.

Factors that should be considered before choosing the type of peeling is the condition of your skin and the problems you face. After age, the patient’s health history and skin history (whether including sensitive type, whether allergic to certain ingredients, whether it tends to arise keloids) are also a consideration before undergoing this chemical peeling therapy.

Not all peeling ingredients will cause effects such as red skin or peeling. It all depends on the material used, the concentration of the selected chemical and the length of its growth. Glycolid acid or AHA used in low concentrations rarely causes red skin effects or skin peeling despite experiencing little of it.

The higher the concentration of active ingredients used, the higher the effect will be felt. Not only red and flaking skin, skin that changes color to dark brown, scaly or sore and hot can also occur. But this is part of a reasonable exfoliation process, which will eventually be replaced with a new skin.

Indeed, there is a presumption that often doing peeling will make the skin thin so that it is prone to injury. Because the skin will continue to undergo a rejuvenation process so it is impossible to be thin. Skin cells will continue to renew themselves because the peeling process will accelerate the regeneration process.

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Too often do chemical peeling over time the skin will thicken or immune because the skin is accustomed to the combination and content of the active substance used. If this happens, usually the doctor will replace the combination of the active ingredient, as well as the concentration of the active ingredient

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