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Hair Smoothing, This Is How To Take Care of Hair Smoothing So As Not to Be Damaged

Smoothing Hair

What is hair smoothing? Smoothing can also mean straightening hair by doing special treatments.

This alternative way is indeed very effective and proven to straighten hair quickly, usually people who choose to do this alternative way is because they have wavy to curly hair.

With the aim of make the appearance more attractive and different for sure. Women are the most users who do smoothing hair care, but not a few men today who use this method. Unfortunately as we already know that straightening hair in a smoothing way will not last long. In just a few months the hair will be back to its original state.

So as a result the state of the hair becomes worse than before. And inevitably we have to do smoothing treatment again. Therefore, do not be surprised if the consumers of smoothing hair will definitely return to their favorite salon to do the treatment again.

This will continue over and over again and without you knowing the health of the hair will be threatened, and cause some problems such as hair loss,branching and breaking.

Before bad things happen and hair health becomes worse, please do the following treatments that will keep your hair smoothing from getting damaged.

Tips to Take Care of Hair Smoothing So As Not to Be Damaged:

Smoothing Hair
Smoothing Hair That Breaks Down Quickly

1. Do not wash your hair/shampooing for a few days
Usually hair that is new in smoothing has its own rules, hair experts will definitely tell you not to wash your hair during the set day. This can be asked directly to the person who is doing his smoothing treatment.

2. Do not tie hair
Never occasionally tie hair during the smoothing treatment period still lasts in a few days.

3. Position the head straight while sleeping
Many underestimate this, even though the position of sleep is very influential for the straightness of the hair. Hair that is new in smoothing is usually still withered and soft, therefore make sure the position of the head when sleeping perpendicularly so that the hair does not break.

4. Use a soft pillowcase made from Sanin
It’s only natural that when hair is branched and scattered everywhere, it is caused by friction of hair directly on your sleeping pillow. Then use a soft pillowcase if you can make sanin.

5. Avoid hair dye
When combining hair dye with smoothing it does produce a plus on the beauty of our hair. But did you know that this is very bad for the health of your own hair. It is best not to do it at the same time, the time tempo of a good hair dye is 2 months after smoothing.

6. Don’t do hair dye anymore
Hair that is already in smoothing does not need to do catok again at home, although the results will look straight but it is certain that this can damage the hair quickly and make hair loss.

7. Avoid using a tightly toothed hair comb
This is the cause of hair loss that is most often experienced by the public, because most of them prefer tight hair comb teeth because it is basically a comb of this type more make the hair look neat, but unfortunately the hair will be attracted so that when combed especially if the hair is recently in smoothing because the state of the hair is still withered and weak.

8. Use a type of wooden comb
Why comb the wood? Because combs made of wood do not cause static electricity such as in combs made of plastic. This static electricity occurs and is not felt when combing using a plastic material comb. So for smoothing this is not good. Choose a wooden hair comb for your smoothing.

9. Avoid HairDriyer (Hairdryer)
Hairdriyer has hot properties that can remove moisture in the hair, to prevent damage do not use a hairdriyer tool for several weeks during treatment.

10. Always give hair vitamins
Do not forget to use daily vitamins of your hair, so that the hair is always nutritious to prevent the occurrence of damage, especially when it is smoothing.

Take care of your hair smoothing so that it is always durable and not damaged. By doing the above way, smoothing treatment may not be often you do. Hopefully this way can be beneficial for the health of all our hair.

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