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The Charming Bad Boy Style

bad boy rebel and highclass type

Hearing the word bad boy,maybe some women choose not to get in touch with them. But undeniably, it turns out that some women also like bad boy. There are many types of bad boy,but through his performance bad boy can be identified. Bad boy rebel type and Bad boy high class type, How the hell bad boy style and appearance can attract women?

There are two types of bad boys with different looks. You can listen to the first bad boy type which is rebel type. How does a rebel-type bad boy look? See image below;

bad boy rebel type
Bad Boy Rebel Style

Style Bad boy Rebel Type

Bad Boy Hair Style

They have long hair up to dreadlocks. For them long hair is cool. Long hair is what they pride themselves on. The longer the kece. Sometimes it’s moved, it’s locked up okay.


Bad boy Style rebel types will not miss the jambang ala bang haji roma to display their virility. Jambang deliberately they grow agat look morece. Sometimes some girls get hooked on this type of guy’s vase.


No need to ask again about the clothes worn by bad boy. They won’t come off with ripped jeans and jeans jackets. Simply by changing T-shirts they already feel the appearance of kece. That’s right, though. So simple, and the colors used psti black, ash and other dark colors.


Don’t be asked again about shoes, sneakers become the mainstay of bad boy rebel type. Even sneakers in a dull state still make them look cool. Sneakers can be used anywhere, anytime, until even official events remain cool with that style.


The complement of this one will not be missed by them. Chains, necklaces, bracelets that are suffocating to black piercings that dominate as well as the headgear of the hat. Usually they choose bucket hats or stamps. Wearing accessories makes them feel more macho.

Style Bad Boy Type high class

Second, bad boy high class type that certainly has a difference with rebel type. Observe the pictures and see the different styles of their appearance as follows;

bad boy highclass type
Bad Boy Type Highclass

Bad Boy Hair Style

Whatever the cut, this high-end bad boy’s hair is always neat. Klimis style with pomade or gel becomes their mainstay. Their haircuts usually follow the trend. Appear klimis and neat to be the charm of the women.


This type of bad boy can not be separated from thin mustaches or beards. Thin mustaches make them cool bad boys and look macho. Thin mustaches and beards are also a charm of their own, looking more romantic.


This type of bad boy outfit is more simple, although it is the same as rebel type that does not loose with ripped jeans. High class types prefer to wear only T-shirts, shirts, flannel shirts or a combination of t-shirts with shirts, bomber jackets. They are more organized, dressed according to the event.


This type of bad boy must have many types of shoes, not just sneakers. They will wear shoes according to the activities. Mix and matchits more organized so deh. For example sneakers for hangout, boots for official events. Anyway they care about appearance.


For bad boy highclass style is simpler. They usually choose to wear watch accessories and glasses, even if they wear only one or two bracelets. Not as scary as bad boy rebel style. They also choose to wear cup hats over others. Let’s be cooler in the eyes of women.

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Hay’s a bad boy fan. Which is your choice to be his partner. Bad boy style is both equally cool, make sure his attitude is also good towards you.

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