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Tips to Look Fashionable When Wearing Work Clothes

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Most companies require their employees to wear uniforms or even formal work clothes. The selection of colors used on work clothes is certainly not far from black, white, or brown. This makes workers, especially women, confused to still be able to look fashionable when wearing work clothes. To overcome the confusion, we give tips to still look fashionable when wearing work clothes. Here are the tips:

1. Color Selection

Color selection is one way that can show your fashion sense. Some of you will probably think about not choosing a work shirt that is no more than two colors. For that, you can combine work clothes with white tops with black or beige subordinates. In order not to seem too plain, you can use accessories with different colors with your work clothes.

2. Using Blazer or Outer

Blazer or outer is a mandatory dress that must be owned by a woman. By using a blazer will certainly make the work clothes you wear look more formal. While outer, you can use a jacket to work at night. For both, it would be better if you choose neutral colors such as black, gray, or brown.

3. Using a Dress

Dress is rarely used as a work shirt, but there is nothing wrong if you want to try. Choose a formal dress such as an A-Line piece that is small, but widens after the waist. This model is very good to choose so that you still look neat but still fashionable when wearing work clothes.

4. Using High Heels

High heels are one of the most important fashions for women who are working. By using high heels, your posture will look taller. This will certainly make you more confident. The use of work clothes combined with high heels will certainly make you look fashionable and formal.

5. Using Leather Bag Tips to Look Fashionable When Wearing Work Clothes

Your appearance will be more perfect by choosing a bag that is also suitable. To support your appearance to stay fashionable, use a leather bag that gives a classic impression but still makes you look elegant with the work clothes used. Do not forget to also adjust the color of the bag with the color of the work clothes you wear.

6. Using Accessories

Accessories are very likely to be used to the office. When using accessories that consist of many colors, do not use work clothes that consist of many colors as well. So if you use a work shirt that contains many colors, use accessories that are neutral in color. It should also be noted not to use accessories such as stacked necklaces so that you do not look excessive. If you have a slim body, you can use a small belt on the stomach to make your look more beautiful and fashionable.

Interested in applying it? Good luck and congratulations on looking fashionable!

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