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Tips for Caring for Flannel Shirts

Tips for Caring for Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirt, you must be familiar with kanflannel shirt right? But do you know how to take care of this flannel shirt? Now there are a lot of young people wearing flannel shirts. Some of us, both female and male, must be fond of wearing and collecting flannel. Yes, his shirt is one of the clothes that can be worn in any situation, both formal and casual. You can use flannel shirts to campus or even can be used to go to the office.

Not a few of us, or maybe one of you, have a lot of flannel shirts. But unfortunately, most of us may not yet understand how to take good care of his shirt. To make your shirt last longer, check out these tips for taking care of it:

1. Washing Flannel Shirts

To wash flannel shirts, it is a good idea to use cold water and never use hot water or warm water. Why? Because your shirt-flannel will shrink from its previous size. Another thing to note is that never soak a flannel shirt for too long because later the color on your shirt will fade and look shabby.

If you wash the flannel shirt using the washing machine, the tip you should pay attention to is to make sure the washing machine isset at a low turn so that the shirt material is not quickly damaged. You should also pay attention to the detergent used as it should use a detergent that is light, soft and without bleach. If the softness in your shirt material has started to disappear, you can add a softener when washing it.

2. Dry flannel shirt

Another tip you need to pay attention to in taking care of flannel shirts is how to dry them. The best way to dry your favorite flannel shirt is to dry it in the sun. If you are using a tumble dryer, set the temperature by lowering the heat temperature on the machine.

3. Ironing Flannel Shirts

The next step after the flannel shirt is dry is to iron it. The best way to iron your shirt is by ironing the inside. You can then iron the shirt from top to bottom or right to left. This will certainly make your favorite flannel shirt neat.

4. Save the Flannel Shirt

Once your favorite flannel shirt is neatly ironed, of course it should be stored in the wardrobe. The storage can be done by folding your shirt neatly, or it can also make it so that there are no crease marks on your shirt when it will be used.

Those are some tips for taking care of your shirt that you can apply. Hopefully with these tips, the flannel shirt you have will be better maintained and lasting. Good-bye!

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