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Easy Tips to Change Ordinary Jeans To ‘Ripped Jeans’

Easy Tips to Change Ordinary Jeans To 'Ripped Jeans'

Jeans never die. The thing that is a favorite outfit among teenagers until adulthood continues to experience the development of trends. Now, the trend of jeans with a ripped motif is back in among the young. Ripped Jeans,as the name suggests, is back on the rise after a long period of suri death. For those of you who are always up to date in the fashion world do not have to worry because you have to spend more money to buy fashion stuff this one.

You can make your own at home using simple tools and make use of the long-neglected jeans in your closet. How to make it easy, it only takes your dexterity in creating a tear pattern on your jeans. Here are some easy tips to make your style even more fun with your own ripped jeans:

Define Jeans

The first important thing you need to do is choose the jeans that will be re-make. You can choose it according to your taste, it can be blue, white, black with boyfie or skinny models. It all depends on your taste.

Define ‘Ripped Jeans’ Style

Yep, you have to specify what kind of tear style you want. For reference, you can see the latest Ripped Jeans trends worn by celebs. Decide what kind of rip you want. Whether large rips, fine or coarse rips. It’s a good idea to print what kind of model you want as a reference as well as a benchmark in the next stage. This is certainly very easy for you.

Provide Equipment Tools

tools for ripped jeans

Equipment is certainly an important component in the manufacture of ripped jeans. Without other tools and equipment, it is impossible for ripped jeans to be created. The provision of equipment is not arbitrary because it is adapted to the type of rip you want. For fine rips you can use sandpaper or iron cobut. For a large tear, you simply use scissors. Don’t forget to provide a small beam board as a tool when the execution of jeans is carried out.

Specify Rip Area

Use the ruler and pencil to determine the area of the rip you want. This is to avoid tearing the kebablasan. Simply line with the pencil of the border area of the judehaki rip.

‘Ripped Jeans’ Execution Stage

Once everything is ready, insert the supplied small blocks into the rip area. Then sharpen with sandpaper or iron coars (depending on the taste of the rip) or if you want a large rip, just use scissors to make the tear pattern to taste.

Sew Around Rips

The last step of sewing around the rip with the thread has been adjusted color. This is to avoid excessive rips so that your pants won’t be “kebablasan” torn when worn.

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After these six steps you successfully do, then your ripped jeans are ready to wear. Jeans with a rip motif are suitable to be worn in non formal events. For even relatively flexible tops, you can wear t-shirts, shirts or other types of tops. In addition, these pants can be paired with high heels to look more casual. You can use sneakers if you want to look more relaxed. Good-bye!

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