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Easy Hair Coloring Tips for Beginners!

Easy hair coloring tips for beginners

Easy Hair Coloring Tips – One way to make the mood better, is to change the appearance. Well, to begin with you can change the color of your hair. Hair color that is trending and quite popular today is the hair color that has a gradation of brown color.

Because, hair with this color is able to make a person’s appearance look fresher but still natural. No need to bother to go to the salon to change the color of your hair, you can do it yourself at home!

Afraid of failing to dye your own hair because it’s the first time painting hair? Don’t worry, check out these easy hair coloring tips for beginners that you can try yourself at home!

1. Make Sure to Choose the Right Hair Color

Easy hair coloring tips
Choose Hair Paint with Content That Can Nourish Hair

There are a number of factors to consider before deciding which hair paint product will be chosen. Among them, the color of hair paint, the content and also the formula.

What’s more, you’re the first to want to paint your hair. Choosing the wrong product can make the results less good in the hair so it can result in damaged hair and various other hair problems.

Preferably, choose hair paint products enriched with good nutrients for the hair. Such as, olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil and so on. So that the hair that undergoes coloring, still get good nutrition and maintained health.

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2. First Allergy Test

The next easy hair coloring tip is to start by doing an allergy test. This step is quite important for beginners who are new to hair coloring or who have previously.

This is done to find out if there is a negative reaction on the skin or not. Preferably, an allergy test is carried out 48 hours before starting to dye the hair with certain hair paint products.

To do this, apply a small amount of hair dye product that will be used behind the ears. Wait for a while then rinse thoroughly. If within 24 hours nothing happens in the area, this means that the product is safe to use.

3. Shampoo First

Hair coloring tips: Shampoo first
Don’t forget to shampoo before applying hair paint

You need to know if oily hair will make the color of hair paint more difficult to stick. So that, the result of hair color after color is more evenly distributed thoroughly, it is worth shampooing first.

At least, the day before you want to dye hair. If you have hair that is classified as oily, then it can also skip conditioner at the end.

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4. Prepare the Tools Needed to Dye Your Hair

Prepare hair dye products with the desired shade. Then, porcelen or glass bowls, hair paint brushes, towels, gloves, and hairpins.

So that hair paint products do not make the area around the hair garus, temples, until the neck is full of stains, you can apply petroleum jelly before starting to color the hair. It is recommended to apply only lightly on the area.

Well, the use of hair paint products that will be applied needs to be adjusted to the short length of your hair. This is so that the hair color after coloring can be more ‘outgoing’ and look real.

To dye your own hair at home, you can use sachet hair paint products that are widely sold freely in cosmetic stores. For the measure itself can be seen in the product information listed on the packaging.

5. Separate Hair in Parts

Easy hair coloring tips: Separate hair into sections
Separate hair into sections to make coloring easier

When you want to start painting hair, first all you need to do is separate the hair into sections. You can use hairpins or rubber. Start by separating the hair into two parts and clamping with a hairpin.

Next divide the hair back into 4 parts, namely the top and bottom with a hairpin. If you have, you can also start to apply hair paint products in each part of the ramput that has been separated so that the coloring results become more even.

For those of you who are the first to dye your own hair at home, make sure when applying hair paint starting from the end of the lower hair first.

Make sure the hair paint has covered the entire trunk to the ends of the hair well. Don’t forget, apply hair paint on the roots of the hair as well.

Because, the hair around the root area of the hair is able to absorb color pigment faster. Thus, make the hair color look striped.

To apply in the area, you can make use of the brush,then the rest is flattened using the hands that first wear gloves.

6. Post-Stain hair care

After the hair paint product is applied evenly throughout the hair strands, let stand for a few hours according to the instructions on the packaging of the product.

After that it is then rinsed with a special shampoo. For the next treatment, you do not need to shampoo again, just rinse the hair thoroughly so that the color is more absorbing perfectly on the hair.

Then after 1 to 2 days have passed, you can do the usual hair care. You can start a routine using a hair mask so that it looks more shiny. Well, in order to make the hair color more durable, it is recommended to use a special shampoo.

Well, those were easy hair coloring tips for beginners at home. From the selection of hair dye products according to hair type, allergy tests, preparing equipment to treatment after hair coloring. By knowing the easy tips of hair coloring, hopefully it can help you when you want to change your appearance without the need to go out more budget to the salon. Good luck.

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