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Tips for Taking Care of Shoes In The Rainy Season

Tips for Taking Care of Shoes In The Rainy Season

Well,the rainy season is starting to come. Some of us may be lazy to go outdoors during the rainy season because they are lazy to take care of shoes that get wet. Shoes are the part that remains wet even though already using umbrellas and raincoats. If continuously exposed to rainwater and no sun can dry it, your favorite shoes can smell bad or can be damaged quickly. To take care of your favorite shoes in the rainy season, follow these tips:

1. Dry Shoes when Wet

When it rains, of course the streets will be wet and muddy. This will certainly make your favorite shoes wet and dirty. Dry your shoes immediately if they are wet because if they are silenced, then your favorite shoes will smell bad. Not only that, the water that enters the shoes will also make the inside of your favorite shoes become damaged.

Drying wet shoes is easy. You just have to dry it and wind it up. If you want your favorite shoes to dry quickly, you can dry them using a hair dryer.

2. Keep Your Shoes Dry

In the rainy season, surely our favorite shoes will get dirty because they are hit by a muddy road. To take care of shoes from the muddy streets, you can use flip-flops when it rains especially when you walk outside. When you reach your destination, you can reuse your sneakers.

3. Use a Shoe Cover

If you are lazy to bring sandals on the go, now you can use a shoe cover that can serve to take care of your shoes. The shape and function of this shoe cover is very similar to a raincoat. By using a shoe cover, your favorite shoes will be protected from getting wet and dirty. Using this thing, you can walk freely anywhere in your favorite shoes during the rainy season.

4. Store in a Not Damp Place

Fungi and bacteria love moist places and this will certainly happen during the rainy season. Storage of shoes in damp places will also cause your favorite shoes moldy and cause an unpleasant smell. Therefore, choose a dry place that is free from moisture to take care of your favorite shoes to last even in the rainy season.

5. Use Silica Gel

In addition to storing your favorite shoes in a place that is not damp, you should also store silica gel in the shoes. Silica gel serves to take care of shoes and of course will be effective to prevent the onset of mold in the shoes.

Well, those are some tips on taking care of your favorite shoes during the rainy season that you can apply. Do not let your favorite shoes become damaged only due to the rainy season and you are lazy to take care of them. Please try!

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