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Trend 5 Best Men Hairstyle Models

Men's Hairstyle Trend

Tired of vintage male barber models? Now it’s time for you to change the look of your hair to be fresher and more vibrant.

Don’t have a cool guy hairstyle reference? Calm down, some of the following men’s hairstyles are claimed to be the coolest hairstyles that will color throughout 2014. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the following men’s hairstyles for your style inspiration.

The Coolest Men’s Hairstyles

The Quiffed BlowBack

The Quiffed Blow Back hairstyle

The Quiffed BlowBack

Those of you who claim to be today’s cool young people shouldn’t miss this one hairstyle for your look. This piece has a thin characteristic on the right and left sides of the head, while the top is made tall and thick. Looks like this are widely used by male models or celebrities on glass screens. Not only young people, for those of you who are no longer young can still be stylish with this look.


men's hairstyle undercut

Next, undercut style. This piece is almost similar to the quaffed blow back, only that thetop bangs are slightly left elongated. This hairstyle is also trending at the moment. In addition to making you fresher, this can also reveal the impression of being a modern man.

Long hair

best men's long hair hairstyles

Meksipun short hairstyles are being used by many men this year, but not a few men are still faithful to their long hairstyles. You can stay stylish by letting your hair grow long. Slightly tidying it up backwards or leaving it ‘messy’ will make you look more ‘really guy’.

Crew cut

crewcut hairstyles

For those of you who want to look neat, this crew cut hairstyle is suitable to apply to your hair. This hairstyle is very short, the left and right parts are very thin and the top is only left a little about 2 centimeters. This hairstyle can make you look more assertive.

The Dry Boy Cut

The Dry Boy Cut hairstyles

The Dry Boy Cut

Here’s a haircut that is also being rung by most guys and men in Indonesia. This hairstyle emphasizes the front bangs more. The left hair is made more and thicker than the right and the bangs are directed forward to the left. This hairstyle is often used by Korean artists.

Well, it’s her some male hairstyle models who could be your style inspiration. It doesn’t take a chance to try one of the trending male hairstyles to make sure that you belong to one of today’s cool men or men.

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