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Outfit Colors That Are Predicted to Be Fashion Color Trends In 2021, What Are They?

Outfit Color Row That Is Predicted to Be a Fashion Color Trend In 2021, What Are They?

Not only the world of beauty, the world of fashion is also always growing from year to year both in terms of models and colors. Well, in 2021 it is predicted that there will be several colors in the outfit that will become a trend setter in the world of fashion tablets including two newly released colors Pantone. What are the outfit colors that are predicted to be a fashion color trend in 2021? Let’s take a good look at it below.

According to some world designers such as Balmain to David Koma said that the color patterns that will color the fashion style in 2021 are mostly bright or striking colors. Here are the colors on the outfit that will hit in 2021:

1. Lilac Colors
Outfit Color Row That Is Predicted to Be a Fashion Color Trend In 2021, What Are They?

In 2020, lilac-colored outfits will be the most popular among other colors. Well, in 2021, lilac color still survives to be a contemporary fashion color trend.

Many fashion brands release lilac products ranging from pashmina, cardigan, sweater, blouse, culottes, and many more. This is due to the high interest of the public, especially women towards these calm purple outfits.

On TikTok social media, many viral videos on TikTok contain outfit of the day models with Lilac-themed things. Lilac clothing can create a sweet and luxurious fashion style even though the outfit used is only a tshirt with culottes.

2. Ultimate Grey Colors
Ultimate Grey Colors

Pantone has finally announced Color of the Year which will be a guide in 2021. The color in question is Ultimate Grey. From there it shows that it looks like outfits with gray will be liked by many people and become a fashion trend in 2021. Fashion style with a gray outfit is believed to show an elegant impression and will be suitable to be worn with any color.

3. Iluminating Yellow or yellow color
Iluminating Yellow or yellow

In addition to Ultimate Grey, Pantone also announced another color that became Color of the Year in 2021, namely Iluminating Yellow or yellow. The color yellow in 2021 is different from the previous year which is identical to the yellow color of turmeric. Well in 2021, the yellow color is predicted to hit more to bright yellow but softer so that it can be combined with other outfit colors.

Outfit color

Outfit with Illuminating Yellow or yellow color will feel fresh from the wearer like nuances when the sun shines brightly throughout the day. To make the look look more fashionable, a yellow outfit combined with a gray color can be an option. The combination of the two colors is predicted to be increasingly used in the fashion world in 2021.

4. Pastel pink color
Pastel pink

One of the colors that will be spread across various fashion collections in 2021 is pastel pink. This color is suitable for someone who is girly because it will create a sweet and feminine look.

5. Red color

Not only popular ahead of certain celebrations, in 2021, outfits with red will be targeted in every season. Red on the outfit will create an elegant and sweet impression.

6. Purplish red color
Purplish red color

Outfits with purplish red or magnetic magenta are predicted to trend in 2021. In fact, famous designers began to use this color a lot in some of their kolesi. The pattern of this color is very diverse, some appear more purple and some appear more pink.

7. Orange color

Outfits with bright orange or tiger tangerin will be found in many fashion trends 2021. A touch of bright orange on the outfit will make a person look more attractive and cheerful. Bright orange color tends to be bold is suitable to be worn by all skin types, both ripe sapodilla, bright skin, langsat yellow, and so on.

Previously, this color has been a trend for several seasons, but outfits with this color are very recommended to be worn in spring. You can also combine it with other more neutral colors such as black, white, or gray.

8. Burnt coral color
Burnt coral color

Burnt coral color consists of pink with orange where the outfit with this color is predicted to be a trend of contemporary fashion colors in 2021. Previously, this color hit in 2020 and had become a popular color trend in Pantone.

9. Blue color

In 2021, various outfits with blue patterns are also no less popular than other colors. The blue color pattern in question such as navy blue or dark blue which is a favorite color of many people including Kate Middleton.

Outfits with blue, especially dark blue are very easy to combine with other colors so that it will display a more elegant, stylish and timeless impression.

10. Green color
Green color

Not only became a favorite color in the previous year, outfits with green are predicted to also be favorites in 2021. However, the green in question is not bright green but a green color that has developed such as neon, army, green ash, emerald, lime, olive, and mint.

Green color

However, some world designers such as Balmain to David Koma say that the color pattern that will color the fashion style in 2021 is a striking color. For the green color itself, which is predicted to hit this year is neon green with a little yellow or the same color as the green color of tennis balls. Outfit with this color will give you a fresh appearance.

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Well, which one will be the favorite color for your outfit in 2021? Although what is predicted to hit in this year is mostly brightly colored, but if you are smart in mix and match fashion surely your outfit of the day will be stylish and fashionable. Good luck trying

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