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Types and Ways to Remove Blackheads

Types and Ways to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads on our faces often make the face dull and rough. Well, how do we get our facial skin free of blackheads? Here’s how to deal with it.

Previously, we needed to know that blackheads were a blockage of oil, dirt or make-up that was under the skin. There are several ways we need to eliminate the blackheads.

First,we need to know first two types of blackheads, namely blackhead blackhead and blackhead blackhead. It can simply be said that the Black head of the blackhead is like a large pore with black dots, while the blackhead blackhead is a small white dot.

Types and Ways to Remove Blackheads
White blackheads and blackheads

Secondly,we do the blackhead blackhead treatment (Blackhead) and Whitehead Blackhead (White Blackhead) as follows:


If blackheads have accumulated a lot around the nose, we need to do facial treatment two to three times a month. However, it is highly discouraged to do facials too often as it will make the oil glands more active which will eventually lead to a lot of blackheads.

Cleanse our faces with scrubs twice a week. After that, don’t forget to rinse with cold water to get the pores tight again.


Furthermore, if our blackhead type whitehead blackhead, then we do the following treatment:

Clean our face with facial soap or scrubs containing salicylic acid. The content of salicylic acid will remove fat in the nose resulting in the onsluction of blackheads.

Every time you finish cleaning your face using soap or milk cleanser, don’t forget to rub the toner with cotton wool onto your face.

To get good results, we should take care of the facial skin regularly. Furthermore, in addition to using the above steps, to give the face free blackheads, we can also wear pore strips on the nose regularly once a week.

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