5 Benefits of Mandarin Oranges for Health: Control Cholesterol – Blood Pressure

5 Benefits of Mandarin Oranges for Health

Like other types of oranges, mandarin oranges have a sour, sweet and refreshing taste. In addition, the fruit that is identical to this Lunar New Year celebration is also rich in nutrients. Here are the benefits of mandarin oranges for health:

Boosting immunity

Beta-Karatoen and beta-cryptoxanthin are compounds that make mandarin oranges and tangerines have a dark orange color.

In addition, the content is an antioxidant that can help reduce the risk of some types of cancer. As reported by WebMD, mandarin oranges have a higher content of beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin than ordinary oranges.

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Beta-Karatoen and beta-cryptoxanthin will be converted by the body into vitamin A, which is important for the immune system, vision and normal growth.

Mandarin oranges also contain high vitamin C which is an essential nutrient for the immune system, maintaining healthy skin and speeding up wound healing.

Keep in mind that vitamin C from food is more absorbable to the body than high doses of vitamin C obtained from supplements.

Helps Control Cholesterol

Another benefit of mandarin oranges is to reduce cholesterol. This fruit is a good source of soluble fiber and can help you feel full longer.

Soluble fiber has been shown to help suppress LDL cholesterol or so-called “bad cholesterol” because it can collect in blood vessels and cause heart problems. By controlling LDL cholesterol, we can lower the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Lowering Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be due to eating fatty foods, drinking too much alcohol or smoking. If it is not regulated, it can be at risk of heart disease.

Eating a fruit rich in fiber helps suppress blood pressure and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Mandarin oranges contain potassium. Potassium reduces blood pressure by helping to reduce excess sodium (salt) in the body.

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Benefits of Mandarin Oranges for Stronger Bones

Not only potassium, mandarin oranges also have calcium and magnesium. People who get the intake of these three minerals in their diet tend to have a higher bone mineral density. This means that their bones are stronger and reduce the risk of breaking.

Mandarin Oranges are also beneficial for gut health.

The presence of soluble fiber in mandarin oranges makes it good for digestion. Soluble fiber will form a gel in the digestive tract. This makes the intestines soften the stool and facilitates bowel movements.

Mandarin oranges also contain some insoluble fiber. According to Healthline, mandarin oranges contain more of this type of fiber than any other fruit.

Those are the five benefits of mandarin oranges for health,so this type of orange is very good to include in additional daily menu.

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