5 Reasons to Start Consuming Creatine Now

benefits of creatine

Many benefits obtained from creatine, such as producing muscles so that it is more energized, strengthens the heart, to cure various diseases such as parkinson’s, rheumatism to dystrophy in the muscles.

The considerable benefits of creatine make many people use it, especially for supplements when exercising. But many also do not want to consume it because creatine causes side effects such as problems in the kidneys, diarrhea, or making the digestive system disturbed. Whereas when used in the right dose, creatine can be very beneficial for the body.

This article will offer you some good reasons to consume creatine now, as this product will help you in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits!

1. Improve Performance during Workout

It may be an absolute choice that creatine is a supplement that is very suitable for workout,this is because there have been many studies that show that creatine is able to improve performance during workouts,aerobics or other sports activities.

The way creatine works while exercising is to focus on providing extra energy intake during exercise, increasing strength, even being able to stimulate the growth of mass or body volume.

The efficacy of creatine is not only there, creatine products that when selected appropriately can also increase endurance, reduce inflammation, or damage cells during intense exercise.

Reported from life of science showed that runners who consumed for 5 days before the 30 Km race had lower symptoms of inflammation and muscle pain compared to those who did not consume it. In addition, the use of creatine is also able to reduce cramps and maintain body temperature when exercising. It has been proven that creatine is indispensable as a sports supplement.

2. Creatine Helps Increase Bone Density

Creatine could be the right solution in future investments for bones. With a high intake of minerals, makes you will avoid fractures that often occur due to osteoporosis. The use of creatine must certainly be balanced with regular exercise.

Each year, 8.9 million people die from fractures, with 1-to-3 for women and 1-to-5 for men aged 50. This is why creatine is so needed for the body and is worth consuming right now.

3. Have benefits that can Improve Brain Performance

In addition to muscles, creatine is also able to improve the performance of your brain. this is because creatine contains phosphate creatine or PCr, which can be a good source of energy for your muscles and especially your brain.

There is one study that showed that the use of creatine for 5 consecutive days was able to reduce mental fatigue significantly and was able to increase the increase in oxygen in the brain. In addition, the use of creatine can also improve and maintain cognitive function, so that brain performance becomes increased and maximal.

4. Can prevent body fatigue

Creatine can also be considered as a supplement capable of preventing fatigue in the body. As reported by the National Library of Medicine, only 10% of people who consume creatine after suffering a traumaticbrain injury experience fatigue compared to others.

In addition to reducing fatigue, creatine is also able to reduce dizziness and fatigue during exercise.

5. Useful Supplements that are Safe to Consume

Creatine is believed to be a beneficial drink for the body, but many myths say that creatine is unhealthy and causes a variety of diseases.

When consumed with the right measure such as 5 grams per day, creatine can already be felt benefits. Try not to overdo it, as it can cause abdominal pain to kidney disorders.


When you think that creatine is beneficial, you can try to look at various tips that you can take into account before buying creatine. Some of them are to choose the type of creatine as needed, make sure the consumption of creatine along with sports activities, and of course choose creatine with a brand that is well known by the public.

By doing so at least the creatine used can make the energy increase and make you powered to do the exercise done.

Those are 5 Reasons to Start Consuming Creatine Now, hopefully you will get creatine that suits your needs and make your stamina stronger.

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