8 Benefits and Dangers of Spicy Foods

8 Benefits and Dangers of Spicy Foods

Spicy food is one of everyone’s favorite foods in the world. Almost everyone likes spicy, especially indonesian people. Many of the typical foods in Indonesia are spicy, and Indonesians love them all.

Spicy taste is not only the main food, but also in the form of snacks, bread, cookies, cakes, and others. There are so many benefits that we get. There is also a danger that we will get if we eat it.

This time we will discuss what are the benefits and dangers of spicy foods for our body.

Advantages Spicy Food Consumption

1. Reduce weight.

If we want to diet or lose weight, then one way to stay good is to eat spicy foods. Because we do not have to bother arranging the meal schedule, reducing the portion of the meal, especially until it does not eat. The results showed that the compounds present in chili peppers in the diet, namely kapsaicin has a thermogenic effect and can cause the body to burn bonus calories for 20 minutes post chow-down. But, don’t try for those who only weigh 40kg, can – you can be undersered.

2. Contains a lot of vitamin C.

In a chili pepper, there are millions of vitamin C. And we know that vitamin C is very good for the immune system from various diseases, such as flu, fever, thrush. Studies show that people who like to eat spicy foods are less likely to get sick than those who don’t.

3. Avoid cancer.

Coolly, there is also research from the American Association for Cancer Research on cancer. By eating spicy food, we are automatically spared cancer. Not a “dry bag” :-D.

Because the capillary substance in chili peppers can inhibit the spread and growth of cancer-causing tumors. It was found that extracts from this substance are the same as the drugs that doctors use to cure cancer.

4. Good for digestion.

Spicy foods are also good for our digestion, as they increase the secretion of chloride in our stomach. Kapsaicin also helps kill bacteria such as H. pylori and helps to prevent or treat ulcers in some people who are not allergic to spicy taste.

5. Good for breathing.

When we finish eating spicy food, surely we will feel the flu and bring out the tears and mucus of the nose. Before long, you’ll feel relieved and your breath will be better than ever. Spicy substances in peppers act as expectorants, and can help people with asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, sinusitis and other respiratory conditions breathe more easily. Peppers can help you to breathe better by opening the nasal passages clogged.

6. Lower blood pressure.

If eating satay, or gouty, and others – others that cause high blood pressure, as is the case with spicy foods. In addition to losing weight because it burns calories, foods from chilies or peppers and other spicy ingredients will burn saturated fat or cholesterol.

Thus, it will lower your blood, and you do not worry about high blood pressure, and stroke.

7. Prevent arthritis.

Eating spicy foods can reduce joint inflammation and bone damage. The substance comes from the foodstuff, namely Ginger. So, by eating it balanced exercise or a lot of motion can prevent us from arthritis and bone disease.

8. Increase our adrenaline.

This is what we will taste if after eating spicy food. Our bodies will sweat and it feels like we’re getting excited. That’s because chili peppers, peppers, ginger, can release adrenaline hormones that serve to make the body passionate, vibrant, and better than ever.


1. Causes abdominal pain and diarrhea.

If you can’t stand it or maybe eat too much spicy food, then what happens is that your stomach hurts heartburn, farts continuously, until diarrhea. That’s because consuming too much makes stomach acid excessive which causes water and gas levels in the stomach to become a lot, that’s why until diarrhea and farting continue. The same is also the case in people with spicy allergies.

2. Causes dizzy heads and buzzing ears.

If too much spicy food also causes your head to dising and ears buzzing. It was an early symptom of low blood pressure. If it continues, you will be exposed to low blood pressure. It is best if this happens, drink plenty of water and blood-enhancing drugs.

3. Causes gastric pain.

Stomach pain is also caused by spicy foods. Like when you eat most. In addition to diarrhea, and continued farting, the lower left abdomen (the location of the stomach) will hurt because stomach acid and acidic substances from spicy foods excessively erode the surface of the stomach wall.

In the long run you will get acute gastric disease, which shortens your lifespan.

4. Causes Insomnia.

If you think drinking coffee causes you trouble sleeping, so does spicy food. Just like the effect of caffeine on coffee, this effect is also felt in spicy foods because many adrenaline hormones that work cause the body to continue to be active and cause sleeplessness.

5. Reduce appetite.

Reduced appetite because many eat spicy food has to do with damage to the stomach. If you get gastric pain too often, then automatically you will feel hungry it is rare. You will feel less appetite. Because, the stomach secretes gas that makes us feel full and not appetite.

6. Causes deep heat.

If after we eat spicy food and immediately drink cold, then we will be prone to deep heat until inflammation. Because our esophagus expands when it passes through hot objects, and immediately shrivels when it passes through cold objects. Causes swelling of the esophagus or deep heat. If sustained there can be inflammation.

7. Causes Peptic Ulcer disease.

Peptic Ulcer Disease is a link on the surface of the digestive organs because it too often digests spicy foods that are acidic. While the nature of acid is eroding.

8. Causes appendicitis disease.

If you eat too much spicy food, it can lead to appendicitis. Because the seeds on chili peppers, peppers and others will stick to the appendicitis when ingested. If long – over time the appendix will be disturbed and will rupture. We will not feel that nausea – nausea, vomiting, excessive diarrhea, pain between our chest and navel are symptoms of appendicitis. Don’t let your appendix break.

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So explained from me, may this article be useful for you spicy food lovers. Thank you for reading.

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