Benefits of Black Pepper For Health

black pepper

Black pepper is known as a spice or seasoning dish. But you know besides as a seasoning that gives a spicy taste, black pepper is also known as medicine since ancient times.

Black pepper gives a spicy taste to the food because of the content of piperin in it. This compound has the same karekteristic as capcaisin that we can get from chili peppers. Many spice connoisseurs use this black pepper as a commodity that is already worldwide.

Black Pepper For Health

If we consume black pepper, there are several benefits that can be obtained. Some of them will be the authors discussed below.

1. Black Pepper Serves As Anti-Inflammatory

One of the benefits of black pepper for health is as anti-inflammatory. A study suggests the content of piperin in black pepper is likely to be effective as an anti-inflammatory in early-stage acute inflammatory processes.

2. Black Pepper Serves to Regulate Blood Sugar

Black pepper oil can likely be beneficial for managing type 2 diabetes as well as high blood pressure or hypertension. There was a study conducted in 2013 that black pepper oil could break down 2 starch-breaking enzymes into glucose naturally. This is especially important for diabetics and hypertension, as it can help to control blood sugar levels and delay the process of glucose absorption.

3. Black Pepper Can Help Difficulty Swallowing In Seniors

One of the serious problems in an elderly person is the problem of difficulty swallowing, for example pneumonia. However there are studies that say that the aroma effect on black pepper can stimulate the body’s reflexes to ingest food. This is good news for seniors who have difficulty swallowing problems, such as in post-stroke patients. The way is very easy, which is by inhaling the aroma produced by black pepper oil to be able to stimulate the reflexes of swallowing muscles.

4. Black Pepper Is Able to Kill Coli Bacteria and Stafilokokus Infection

Black pepper oil is beneficial for killing banteri coli and stafilokokus. A study says black pepper oil is capable of combating E coli bacteria, which is the bacteria that cause infections of contaminated foods. In addition, black pepper oil is able to fight infections produced by stafilokokus bacteria that are generally boils on the skin.

5. Black Pepper Is Able to Control Tumors and Cancer

A study of animals found that black pepper is able to prevent and inhibit tumor growth, another study also mentioned that peperin content in black pepper can prevent the development of breast cancer. But so far for similar effects in humans there still needs to be more in-depth testing and research.

With the above explanation that mentions that the function of black pepper is very good for health, from now on we should not hesitate to utilize black pepper as a seasoning at home, in addition to giving the sensation of taste to our cuisine will also get tremendous benefits for the health of the body.

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