Benefits of Vitamin C For Women’s Health, Anything?

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamins are very important for the health of the body. One of the very important vitamins is vitamin C. This vitamin is proven to strengthen one’s immune system. A person can get an intake of this vitamin from fruits, vegetables as well as supplements.

Although it is very important, but still many people miss out on the consumption of vitamin C, including women. In fact, this vitamin has many benefits for women’s health. What are the benefits of this vitamin for women? Let’s take a good look at the reviews below!

Launching the menstrual cycle

Vitamin C can increase estrogen levels and lower progesterone levels in women. With this the uterus will contract and the lining of the uterus is damaged. This is what causes menstruation. If women regularly consume this vitamin then it can launch their menstrual cycle.

Improves iron absorption

Vitamin C is believed to help in the absorption of iron. If this vitamin enters the body it will convert a slightly absorbed iron into a substance that is easily absorbed by the body. Thus, the risk of anemia will be reduced.

Reduces the risk of hypertension

Hypertension is arguably one of the risk factors that can trigger cardiovascular in women. However, this is often underestimated. To overcome this, women should increase their intake of foods containing vitamin C. By consuming this vitamin, women will avoid hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Lower the risk of heart disease

Vitamin C is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease,even this vitamin can reduce the impact of the disease such as high blood sugar levels due to cholestorel and triglycerides.

Increases collagen production

Collagen is a substance produced naturally by the body. However, this substance will decrease in production with age. The lack of collagen substances in the body will cause signs of aging in a woman. Well, to prevent the signs of aging can be done by consuming this vitamin adequately.

Improving fetal development

One of the nutrients needed for pregnant women is vitamin C. This vitamin is indispensable for pregnant women because it can improve fetal development. Therefore, if pregnant women lack intake of this vitamin, it can cause complications during pregnancy.

Overcoming stress

Stress can affect everything in the body such as hormone production, menstrual cycle, female and male fertility as well as digestion and immunity. To overcome this, one really needs to consume vitamin C. This vitamin can help a person in dealing with physical and emotional stress. By consuming enough of this vitamin, the stress can be solved so that all problems experienced by women will not occur.

Well that’s the review of the benefits of vitamin C in women. Not only women who have to consume this vitamin, men also have to consume these vitamins. With vitamin C, health will be maintained well.

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