Benefits of Olive Oil and Its Properties

Benefits of Olive Oil

The benefits and properties of olive oil have been known for centuries. This oil comes from olives whose trees grow a lot in the Mediterranean region.

Many studies say that people living in this area have a longer life expectancy and a lower risk of heart attack as well as high blood pressure than people in northern Europe and america. It turns out that this is due to the lifestyle of people who use olive oil as the main ingredient in each of their food.

So what are the benefits and properties of olive oil that we can feel directly if consuming it properly and regularly? Here’s the review.

Benefits of Olive Oil in the Medical World

Benefits of Olive Oil and Its Properties
Olive Oil

The benefits of olive oil that have been so well known since time immemorial began to tickle medical experts to dig it deeper. Miraculously, there is a great deal of content that almost all the substances contained in this oil are good. There is nothing good about our body’s health, especially to regulate sugar levels, blood pressure, and heart health. So, let’s read below to get more information!

Reduces coronary heart risk

As it is well known that the cause of the coronary heart is due to the hoarding of fat in the blood vessels of the heart. This can happen because of our unhealthy lifestyle at all. One is to consume junk-food or other high cholesterol foods.

Olive oil itself is an oil that contains many good compositions that are almost unscinged. Almost everything contained is good, including fat and cholesterol in it. Both are unsaturated fats and good cholesterol (HDL). Thus, replacing ordinary vegetable oil as the main ingredient of frying with olive oil will greatly help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Lower blood sugar levels

The mono content of unsaturated fatty acids in olive oil serves as an antidiacytic and antioxidant that is very well consumed by people with high blood sugar. In addition, olive oil also plays an important role for the healing of high sugar levels in the blood because it is able to increase insulin sensitivity.

Benefits of Olive Oil May Lower Hypertension

In the journal “Effect of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supplementation On Total Cholesterol and Triglycerides Of Hypercholesterolimia Subjects” published states that there was an improvement in total cholesterol levels in hypercholesterolemia sufferers after consuming extra virgin zaitu oil for 6 weeks in a dose of 4.8g in capsules. This is because olive oil contains substances that can act as antioxidants as well as squalen which can increase cholesterol elimination through feces.

Reduce the risk of al-zheimer

This is because zaitu oil contains polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants as well as Oleochantal. Polyphenols play a powerful role in inhibiting various diseases due to aging, as a potent oleochantal reduces beta amyloid in the brain that is the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Prevent blood blockage

All substances that are beneficial in zaitu are also very beneficial to the prevention of blood blockage, be it HDL, unsaturated fats, phenols, vitamen E and antioxidants. All of these substances can fight saturated fats and nasty cholesterol that accumulate in our blood and cause blockages.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Body Care and Beauty

Benefits of Olive Oil for Beauty
Benefits of Olive Oil

The benefits and properties of olive oil can also be felt on our skin, hair and nails. By using olive oil as a natural treatment, it will not cause any adverse effects. There is no need to worry about irritation or infection that can be caused during treatment. Here are some of the benefits and properties of olive oil for beauty treatments.

Moisturizes and smooths skin

The content of vitamin E and other compound substances contained in zaitu oil is very good for treating the skin. This oil is able to keep the skin from dryness and remain smooth.

The beauty secret of a Cleopatra’s skin is also in this olive oil. To get beautiful skin with this oil, you just have to apply it all over the body or the desired part of the body regularly then let stand for a while. After a while, and rinse with warm water.

As I’ve discussed about maintaining and maintaining skin freshness naturally, there have been many tips I’ve shared about skin freshness. And olive oil is also included to keep our skin fresh every day.

Remove acne scars

For those of you who are confused as to how to remove acne scars, olive oil is the best solution. There is no need for expensive treatment until using a laser to remove the acne scars. You need to use warm olive oil to then apply it regularly every day to that part of the acne scar. Or you can also mix it with lemon or rose juice. Let stand long enough then rinse back with warm water.

Benefits of Olive Oil as a Natural Anti Aging

Because of its moisturizing properties, olive oil is also very influential as an inhibitor of premature aging, such as wrinkles that begin to appear on some parts of the face be it the area around the forehead and eyes. Olive oil is able to nourish the skin from the outside by applying it on the face, and from the inside by consuming it properly, both in capsule form and direct oil.

Moisturizes and nouts hair

In addition to maintaining the beauty of the skin, olive oil also plays an important role in maintaining fertility, moisture, and softness of the hair. By drying this oil on the hair before shampooing, you will be able to get beautiful shiny and thick hair.

Keep nails shiny, moist, and strong

To get beautiful and healthy nails, you can use olive oil mixed with warm water and soak your nails there. Olive oil is believed to keep nails moist, away from fungi, to stay shiny, and strong.

So many benefits and properties of olive oil for the medical and beauty world. Consuming it as a substitute for regular cooking oil helps us to avoid diseases related to blood, heart, brain, even cancer. Because the oleochantal contained in it is even able to destroy cancer cells in just thirty minutes.

In the world of beauty the benefits and properties of olive oil have been recognized and used since centuries ago, especially by the legendary prettiest woman, Cleopatra. Queens from other parts of the country also use olive oil as their youthful secret.

In muslim communities themselves, olive oil is an oil that is highly recommended for daily use, both as food and skin and hair care, as the Apostle surged. The olive tree is also one of god’s many endowed fruits, so it is no wonder many verses in the Qur’an mention the tree and the olives in it.

However, consuming olive oil should still be offset by other healthy lifestyles, such as exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient rest. There is no need to apply the diet of mediterranean people who use this oil as the main ingredient in almost every food. Reduce high carbohydrates such as rice and multiply fiber.

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