Tips to Keep Blood Sugar Levels Normal At Age 50 And Above

Normal Blood Sugar Levels

With age, generally the level of sugar in the blood will increase. Rising sugar levels will certainly harm a person, especially those aged 50 years and over and the elderly. They can get sugar disease or commonly known as diabetes. How to maintain normal blood sugar levels? Therefore, diabetics should completely avoid their restrictions including food intake, even diabetics are prohibited from enjoying certain fruits.

Therefore, it is very important for a person to keep sugar levels in a normal state, especially people who are over 50 years old, even those under the age of 20 years or over 20s should also keep sugar levels in a normal state. It aims to avoid contracting diabetes at a young age.

Then, what to do to keep blood sugar levels normal at age 50 and above? here are some tips that can be done. Listen carefully yes.

1. Perform regular blood sugar tests
Blood Sugar Levels To Stay Normal

There is one way to know where the sugar levels in a person’s blood are by doing a blood test that is useful to monitor the level of sugar in a person’s body in order to be within normal limits. Checking normal blood sugar levels needs to be done especially for adults aged about 50 years and over or diabetes for the elderly. Not only that, for people who do not have a history of diabetes, it is necessary to routinely check blood sugar.

2. Plan a healthy diet
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Normally sugar content is also influenced by the intake of food consumed. Therefore, it is very necessary to plan a healthy diet so that sugar levels remain normal even though they are old.

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Similarly, diabetics are advised to avoid any type of food that causes blood sugar to rise. Therefore, among others reduce the intake of foods containing carbohydrates, get used to eating on time 3 times a day, get used to consuming foods that are high fiber 25 grams per day in order to lower blood sugar rises quickly, and limit your daily sugar intake of 50 grams per day or the equivalent of 4 tablespoons.

3. Get Used to Sleep On Time

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To keep sugar levels normal, make it a good thing not to stay up late at night. Try to get enough rest by sleeping on time for at least 7-8 hours each day because a lack of sleep time can interfere with the mechanism of action of insulin in the body that affects high blood sugar levels.

4. Avoid excessive stress
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As long as adults aged 50 years and older feel stressed, it will affect the hormone cortisol which can increase sugar levels in the blood in the body. Therefore, avoid excessive stress so that health does not decrease and sugar does not rise.

6. Exercise regularly

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Exercise is very important especially adults who are 50 years old and elderly to keep the body healthy even though it is elderly. Before exercising, it is recommended to first consult a doctor of a type of exercise that is safe for people aged 50 years and above and others.

Usually safe exercise for both 50-year-old and elderly adults such as leisurely walking, brisk walking, taichi, and some yoga exercises. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day or 5 days a week. In addition to healthy body, regular exercise can keep blood sugar to remain normal.

7. Always regular consultation with a doctor

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If the sugar in the body rises, of course it harms health, especially for the elderly. In addition to routine blood sugar checks, consultation with a doctor whose expert is also necessary because we ourselves enter requires clear and definite direction from the expert. When we consult, the doctor will certainly conduct an examination and then explain everything related to the results of the examination and the solution

That’s a review of tips to maintain normal blood sugar levels aged 50 years and above. Before applying some of the tips above, it would be better to consult a doctor in his field whether it is safe to apply or vice versa. Good luck!

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