Cold Cough and Pneumonia in Children

Cold cough and pneumonia in children

Cough and cold diseases are very dangerous because they can cause death in babies. But as a person who has a baby should be able to assess what kind of cough and cold is fatal, because not all of these diseases can cause death.

What is pneumonia? Pneumonia is a lung infection caused by a bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic infection, resulting in the air sacs in the lungs (alveolus) inflaming and enlarging.

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It is not difficult to distinguish the two if you follow the following methods.

  • If your baby coughs and colds, you should not panic too much and do not also ignore or ignore it just like that. Keep your attitude calm and alert.
  • When it is calm, then also calm your baby so that it is easy to check.
  • If the baby has begun to calm down, undress him so that it will be clear the chest and abdomen to facilitate the examination. Babies can be placed on your lap, in bed, or other places where the base is padded so that the baby feels safe.
  • Pay close attention to whether your baby is breathing sooner or later? You can find out by calculating the frequency of his breath for a full minute. Use a timer or clock to get the time right. If you still have difficulty doing so, ask the nearest person for help to do a time calculation for one minute. If you have doubts about the calculation, then pay attention to the movement of breath in the chest and stomach. Again count in full for a minute. If in reality you are still in doubt, repeat the same thing until you feel confident about the time. Considering the frequency of the baby’s breath in general varies, you can determine the speed of his breath based on the age group, namely as follows: 2 months – 1 year = 50 times or more and 1-5 years: 40 times or more.
Cold cough and pneumonia in children
  • If you find the baby breathing quickly, then most likely the baby has pneumonia. In this case the baby should be immediately taken to the doctor for more serious treatment. If found in babies who originally breathed quickly then turned into slow can be due to the baby experiencing fatigue to breathe. So it will make it difficult for you to do a quick breath assessment, therefore, you should do an assessment according to the fifth instruction that will be explained next.
  • The way to breathe between a normal baby or child and a baby or child with pneumonia will be completely different. If a normal baby or child catches his breath, then his chest and stomach will move out. While the baby or child affected by pneumonia will breathe using greater energy than usual. So it will cause the lower chest wall will appear attracted in.
  • Such a thing is called the pull of the chest wall into the positive (+). In healthy babies younger than 2 months, due to their soft breastbone, it is often seen the pull of the chest wall into the not strong. While in infants who suffer from pneumonia and the same age will be clearly visible there is a strong pull of the chest wall into the body.
  • Signs as described above, namely in rapid breathing or the pull of the chest wall into (+) are signs of a baby catching pneumonia. If the baby is in such condition, it should be immediately taken to the nearest doctor or hospital. Karen baby needs the help of oxygen, additional body fluids, and medicines that must be given quickly and appropriately. If it is too late to provide help it will be fatal to the baby or child.
  • In addition to such a way, to be able to reduce the risk of death from pneumonia in infants, the Ministry of Health has established signs of danger in infants. This will make it easier for parents to be able to immediately determine whether the baby should immediately get the help of a doctor or not.

As for the most effective way to be able to prevent this dangerous disease, then what must be done by parents is to provide complete immunization, breast milk until the age of 2 years, weigh the baby regularly and ready to give oralite if the baby has a snarl. And most importantly by preparing for pregnancy and birth properly.

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