Sugar Detox: How To Keep Eating Well Without Consuming a Lot of Sugar

detox sugar

Honestly you definitely have at least one favorite snack that is unfortunately not sugar-free. It is no secret that consuming excess sugar as a result is not good for health and people with diabetes are getting more and more days.

However, indonesian people’s awareness about the dangers of consuming excess sugar is still very low. Usually they just start to reduce sugar consumption when they have already been convicted of diabetes.

If so then it’s too late. Therefore start reducing sugar consumption from now on or better avoid sugar altogether. But what it’s like to live without consuming sugar, well here are some ways to keep you eating good without consuming a lot of sugar/ Detox Sugar.

How to keep eating delicious without consuming a lot of sugar?

It’s not easy but it’s not impossible. The hardest thing about avoiding sugar is to avoid your favorite snacks that are unfortunately made with a lot of sugar. If so here are some effective ways you can start applying today:

1. Find Sugar-Free Snacks

Some of you may feel you can’t live without consuming your favorite pastries. It turns out that there are a lot of good snacks or cakes that can be made without sugar and the recipe is also very easy to find on the internet today. If you don’t believe me, try looking for muffin, pie and various pastry recipes made without sugar. There’s a lot of them.

Find Sugar-Free Snacks

2. Invite the Whole Family

It is difficult when you have to try to be alone, therefore try to invite the whole family to participate. There is no harm in teaching good habits to your whole family, if starting from now on they will get used to the taste of food without sugar. This will also make it easier for you to achieve your dream of a healthy life without excessive sugar consumption.

3. Find Substitutes for Sweeteners Other Than Sugar

Quitting sugar doesn’t mean you won’t be able to consume sugary foods all your life. You need to know a lot of solutions available so that you can still consume sweet foods without having to use sugar. Moreover, nowadays there are many brands that offer sweetener solutions instead of sugars that are certainly much healthier.

Find Substitutes for Sweeteners Other Than Sugar

4. Use Natural Sweeteners such as Honey

Sugar substitute sweeteners that are usually sold in the market are usually only to be mixed into drinks and then what about cake? Well, if you are used to spilling syrup onto pancakes you try replacing it with honey, because honey has a characteristic sweetness but is so natural that it does not have as bad side effects as sugar.


5. Create Your Own Snacks

If you’re used to buying snacks or cakes from your subscription pastry shop it may be time for you to learn to make your own snacks at home, unless your subscription pastry shop wants to make cookies to your order. After all, making your own cake or snack at home is certainly healthier because you know very well what ingredients you use and the manufacturing process is certainly cleaner because you make it yourself.

Create Your Own Snacks

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To live a healthier life is not easy but when compared to the benefits you will get with your family, your efforts will not be in vain. After knowing that it turns out that many good snacks are completely sugar-free so you still eat well without consuming a lot of sugar. Then wait what else, start detoxing sugar good habits today!

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